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Arslan Ali
Arslan Ali

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Hello Internet!

Hello :)
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This is me, first time writing a blog post. I’ve been reading blogs all my life but never really thought about doing it myself; until now.


Hi, I am Arslan Ali and I welcome you to my Medium blog. I am a software engineering student at the Virtual University of Pakistan, which is a Federal Government University. This is currently the end of my fifth semester. I also have the Cisco Networking Essentials certification. Besides that, I am a fellow member of Jadu Fellowship Program for learning Full Stack Web Development using MERN tool-stack. I am also teaching computer science at a local academy, for the last 2 years.

Other than that, I am a tech enthusiast and really like learning about new technologies and how they impact the global community, overall. I always like and promote open-source software, and use them for my personal & professional work. I am Linux user myself, for the last 2–3 years and I really enjoy learning new stuff.

About this blog:

This blog is all about technology. If you’re a tech enthusiast, like me, you would love reading posts and articles about exciting new technologies. I will also share my thoughts on different tech products and maybe some how-to guides on setting up different tech-related tools for your overall workflows.

Bonus: There will also be a weekly post/article sharing all my activities throughout the week.

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