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Instantly run pull request code on your phone.

Recently I had a problem of trying to show the UI that I have done to my designer. The code need to be merge first an then release to test flight before he got a chance to look at it. If there is any changes, we basically need to go through the flow again which for me is time consuming.

There has to be a better way and this reminds me of a tool I read on HN but I haven't been able to find the post.

Basically, one of the staff of a company made an internal tool that would bundle up your RN code when you made a pull request. If you want to run the code, all you need to do is scan the QR code on the PR.

This makes it faster for you to try and test the code. It would also make it faster for you to take design feedback from the designer. Instead of waiting for it to be release on test flight and play store, they can just scan a QR code and try it instantly.

One caveat of this method is that it only works on PR that does not require a new native code but I think at some point most app would be mature enough that it won't need to add native code all the time.

Shopify have something called Tophatting . I'm not sure if this is the post that i saw on HN previously. Unfortunately I don't think they open source it.

Another one that I can find is Appr . Unfortunately it does not work on iOS and even if it does work, it only works on Expo based project.

I wonder if there is any tool out there that does something similar? Let me know in the comment if you know!

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