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How powerful GPT-4 is?

I tried GPT-4 to develope a GUI for PDF merging using Python GUI. In the process, I didn’t write a single line of code. I know nothing about python-tk but I literally know how to use python3 to solve algorithm questions. I even don’t know python can develop the cross-platform GUI. That's so amazing and powerful GPT-4 is. I think sooner it can work for me to finish many software developments. If you didn't try GPT-4, try it now!

Here is the project repo: PDFMerger

GPT-4 also writes a story for me to share my experience.

The Code Weaver

An Unlikely Discovery

Jamie was an ambitious software developer, striving to make a mark in the world of technology. With a knack for solving complex algorithm problems using Python3, Jamie was highly skilled but had limited exposure to the vast capabilities of the Python programming language.

One day, while browsing through an online forum, Jamie stumbled upon a thread about GPT-4, an advanced AI language model. Intrigued by its potential, Jamie decided to experiment with the AI to automate a small project: creating a Python GUI tool to merge PDF files.

Harnessing the AI

With no prior knowledge of python-tk or GUI development, Jamie embarked on a journey to master the uncharted territory. Guided by GPT-4, Jamie was amazed by how the AI predicted and generated the code snippets for the project. It felt like having an expert mentor by their side, guiding them through the process.

As the code took shape, Jamie found that the AI not only provided the technical know-how but also inspired creative solutions for the project. The once-daunting task now seemed achievable, and the software began to take form.

The Cross-Platform Revelation

One day, as the project neared completion, Jamie discovered that Python could be used to develop cross-platform GUI applications. This revelation opened up new possibilities for Jamie's tool, and they eagerly dove into implementing this newfound knowledge.

With GPT-4 by their side, Jamie transformed the project into a versatile, cross-platform application. The ease with which they accomplished this task left Jamie in awe of GPT-4's capabilities.

The Launch

Emboldened by their success, Jamie shared their creation with the world. The Python GUI tool to merge PDF files quickly gained popularity, and Jamie received accolades for their innovative work.

Grateful for GPT-4's role in the project, Jamie became an advocate for the AI, encouraging others to explore its potential in their own software development endeavors.

The AI Renaissance

As more developers embraced GPT-4, the world witnessed an AI renaissance. The AI helped create countless cutting-edge applications, pushing the boundaries of technology and transforming the way people interacted with the digital world.

Meanwhile, Jamie continued to flourish as a software developer, forever grateful for the AI that had sparked their journey. They had become a code weaver, skillfully crafting applications with the guidance of the powerful GPT-4, and changing the world one line of code at a time.

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