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Man, Machine, and the Art of Algorithmic Mastery: A GPT4 Perspective

In the swirling vortex of FOMO and the ever-evolving world of technology, it's easy to feel overwhelmed or left behind. The rise of GPT-4, OpenAI's advanced language model, has left many wondering how it compares to human expertise in tackling complex challenges, like LeetCode problems or general computer programming. In this eclectic fusion of perspectives, inspired by Dan Abramov, Sam Ovens, and Joe Rogan, we'll delve into the limitations of GPT-4, the power of THE BOOK, and the harmonious collaboration between man and machine.

From LeetCode to General Programming: The GPT-4 Conundrum

GPT-4 has made waves with its natural language understanding and generation capabilities, but when it comes to medium or hard LeetCode algorithms, it struggles. The reason? GPT-4 isn't specifically trained to solve algorithmic problems or designed to optimize code for more advanced computational tasks. This shortcoming is evident in general computer programming as well.

To gain a clearer picture, let's examine the success rates of GPT-4 and humans in tackling LeetCode problems of varying difficulty:

Difficulty GPT-4 GPT-4 (No visions) GPT-3.5
Easy 31 / 41 31 / 41 12 / 41
Medium 21 / 80 21 / 80 8 / 80
Hard 3 / 45 3 / 45 0 / 45

Source: GPT4 research, Exams, Click "Show More"

As the data demonstrates, GPT-4 has a substantially lower success rate with medium and hard problems compared to easy ones. Thus, human expertise remains vital in conquering complex algorithmic challenges and general programming tasks.

Unleashing Potential: THE BOOK and the Art of Training

Just as a mixed martial artist trains relentlessly to hone their craft, so too must programmers sharpen their algorithmic prowess. THE BOOK is the ultimate resource for acquiring the knowledge and strategies needed to master even the most intricate LeetCode problems and programming challenges.

As Sam Ovens emphasizes, consistent practice and a focused mindset are key ingredients for success. By diving headfirst into THE BOOK and dedicating time to practice, humans can surpass GPT-4 and other AI models in tackling advanced algorithms.

GPT-4 Evolves: Training for Advanced Algorithms and Human Mimicry

While GPT-4 may not currently be a master of complex algorithms, it could potentially be trained to excel in this area. By feeding the model more advanced algorithmic problems and solutions, GPT-4 could gradually learn to generate optimized code and tackle intricate challenges more effectively.

Humans can mimic this focused approach by honing in on specific areas of programming or algorithms that they wish to improve upon. By targeting their training, individuals can quickly progress and achieve mastery in their chosen areas of expertise.

The Ultimate Collaboration: Man, Machine, and Mastery

In the words of Joe Rogan, life is about balance, and this rings true for the relationship between man and machine. GPT-4 may have its limitations, but it can still serve as a powerful tool to augment human capabilities. By embracing the unique strengths of both man and machine, individuals can overcome their respective weaknesses and achieve unprecedented success in the realm of algorithms and programming.

To conquer FOMO, one must embrace the combined power of human expertise, THE BOOK, and AI-assisted programming.

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Teo Deleanu

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Teo Deleanu

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Jon Randy 🎖️ • Edited

It's dumb as a bag of hammers - nothing more than glorified autocomplete. It has no "intelligence" or "understanding" at all, and cannot "figure things out" - despite sometimes giving the impression that it can.

Here's GPT4’s response to the common problem "You have 2 jugs. One can hold exactly 5 litres of water, and the other holds exactly 2. How can you measure out exactly 1 litre?"


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Jon Randy 🎖️

Subsequent responses after being told it was wrong were equally laughable.