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Travis Fantina
Travis Fantina

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Elixir & Phoenix Tutorials

I've been using Elixir every day for over two years now. I love the language and the ecosystem, especially Phoenix. I've been toying with the idea of building a fullstack application using Phoenix and LiveView from scratch either as a series of live codes or as a tutorial series but I'm curious:

  1. is there any interest
  2. are there any particular sites you'd be curious to see developed in a tutorial? Twitter is sort of a classic thing to build in a tutorial but I'd love to go outside the box a bit.

As far as my motivation goes, I've been working on a few existing applications but I've never actually built something from scratch in Phoenix so I'd like to get a better idea for how to set up a project. I've also always been interested in giving back and helping other people learn via online tutorials the same way tutorials like Michael Hartl's Ruby on Rails book helped me.

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