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Calling All Developers!

So very recently, a small crew of some very talented Devs and I put together a little project called

This platform is designed for code experts and experienced/seasoned programmers to be able to sell their expertise and time to others that are seeking knowledge within that code base. Currently, at launch we are focusing heavily on two languages:

If you're great at slinging code and would like to freelance some of your time, at your own convenience, is the site for you! Help others solve their code issues, or tutor someone looking to learn. We are looking to onboard as many seasoned coders as possible, so please feel free to share our content within your circles!

Check out our socials: @p_pl_talk on Instagram and Twitter. Search 'P-PL' on Youtube for a 5 minute rundown tutorial of our super easy-to-use webapp.

Sign up, give yourself a title, a brief description about yourself, and choose the code/tech categories you're interested in. Give yourself an avatar, and you're rockin' 'n rollin'!

For the best experience, we ask that you access the platform from a Desktop Machine or Laptop, and utilize a browser like Chrome.

Happy Coding!

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