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Doers Vs No Doers: An Analytical Approach

To start with, this is a tricky topic, where I might find people in conflict with my perception but after all when isn’t conflict a promising act. Conflict by its meaning is a disagreement where one holds an entirely opposite perspective and surely does one defend it as if it was their very own life at stake. I think that is a beauty of it, perhaps lasting for a long time that is unexpected or usual. I would put it as my experience to suggest that I have seen people get excited and enthusiastic about doing something. It can be an idea or a project or anything that they either want to achieve in life or a common goal to which one puts an effort. The phenomenon that can be instantly noticed is that the excitement or the enthusiasm does not last very long, it is as if a bubble started gulping with air and before it reached its potential where it should have held, it just bursts into nothingness. The pattern repeats very often and has been repeating for much longer than I really thought it would. This is what triggered me to write for it in the hope that maybe someone other than myself is experiencing a similar act of time.


The current COVID-19 pandemic is a great setback, as we go through it, seeing and feeling what a pandemic is. I think, unknowingly our society had another pandemic embedded into it, which to this day, hasn’t been much noticed and no cure developed for it.  I would call that pandemic, the society’s algorithm for literally categorizing everything possible. This attempt of categorization is backed by the idea of understanding, the happening but I would like to add that such attempts of categorization have crept into our skin by fueling concepts such as racism, radicalism, and hierarchies. There is a category, I myself would specifically want to talk about, it is the category of the doers and the thinkers where one does and the other does not. In my opinion, the word the thinkers are totally out of context to the word doers, therefore, I would like to replace the word with doers and the no doers because thinking is a requirement for enabling one to do something, imagine doing something without thinking, it would simply not fit but somehow the comparison has been accepted by the majority that those that think simply are unequipped to do anything. 
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Let’s talk about the no doers a little. The question at pace would be, how does one do something to become a no doer? A no doer would seem like someone moving through a river but ending nowhere. Someone who seems to pass by something but still remains there. In a more general perspective, an illusion of movement yet it remains there. Now with reference to such a definition, there is a lot around me and perhaps you, people, places, ideas, abilities, and life that would seem fitting to it. Yes, it is fitting, like those people might have met 3 years back, and they were at a position in a company, and today they still are there but when you ask, they just seem to complain that they are unable to do something about it or perhaps they are doing but the result cannot be seen. It is as if they are stuck in an endless loop of time that just repeats and repeats. The repetition is what can be termed as a pattern. A process that leads to the same result no matter what changes. I think some might term that insanity, trying to do the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. 
Let’s try defining, what a doer is. A doer should be the opposite of a no doer. The opposite would say that a doer would seem like someone not moving through the river and yet ending somewhere. Now to me this river really makes context, it is the river where people want you to just go with the flow, not oppose it whereas my question is if you want to be a doer, you shouldn’t be in a river where everything is about to go with the flow. From a general perspective, a doer would have no illusion of movement, therefore it doesn’t remain at a single point. A doer is someone constantly in motion, either at one point or another but not the same point where it as reached does it reach again. A doer is like what we say about lightning, that which does not strike the same place twice. Therefore, doers are unpredictable, and this unpredictability in anything is what I call power. There is no pattern to it, the doership of one’s struggle. 
I have a little dilemma that I have observed, it is the idea of predestination. I would say it is a theory, that all one does and will is fixed and no matter what he or she does, it cannot change. Think of an industrialist, a businessman of the dark ages. One who is smart, cunning like a fox, and a great observant. One who is dramatic and has touch of dictatorship to him. One who is power-hungry and has discovered how much man is inclined to find answers in the abyss of the unknown element of life. Now, these characteristics boiled together will make one wary of competition and because of this fear of competition one needs to stay on top of the food chain. He will surely use the idea of predestination to socially restrict his peers and society because that is the only way, he can ensure that the power struggle stays within his lineage. The idea of predestination fixates one in what one cannot be and what one should be i.e defined by systems and people around him. Once fixated, he or she repeats becoming a pattern, and patterns produce the same result over and over again while the human nature in this pattern expects something different. To find a different place in life, one that is better than what you think you currently have, one needs to break the pattern, and to break the pattern, one needs to adapt to doership and leave behind the idealogy of no doers that prisons people to restrictions. Earlier, I did mention that the word thinkers was out of context, you are not born or predestined to fixation, you can always think out of it, and change the current result. Man’s ability to learn out of situations is what makes him truly unpredictable, unpredictable as lightning does not strike the same place twice. So by violating, the law of predestination set by some fanatic person from the dark ages, you become the embodiment of free will, a  will that is powerful beyond measure, to give you whatever you desire. 
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