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It is a pity!!, I wonder my humanity

It is not illegal to search for jobs in the US while on a B1/B2 as long as you do not start working on a B1/B2. For you to work who ever employees you has to sponsor a H1B, so your visa status can be converted from a B1/B2 --> to a H1B.

Its been almost a month or so, i have been applying for jobs and companies that dont want to cant sponsor, once i set in communication with them, simple say "Sorry at this moment we cant, or Sorry we are not looking for sponsorships" . I think that pretty simple and a polite manner.

Just now, I had this conversation on LinkedIn with Sergii Kovalenko. I think he is a recruiter.

Alt Text

Alt Text

Now, I am just wondering, how it is a Pity on not being born in the United States or at the present having a Work Status there. As you can see, the guy thinks, i have clear misconceptions. Great.

I wonder if the world is going haywire, or are we being put into classes based on the Latitudes or Longitudes we are born into. This clearly states that no matter the hardwork or how helpful one might be, you will always be ridicules for being not a species of a higher first world country. Are we different species or the same as humans for all, this really puts me down.

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