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The Psychology of a Programmer

Program, what an interesting concept more than a word. It has been used so endlessly in the life of you and I so many times, that is has become uncountable. If we begin to deconstruct it, therefore to understand its core, we can say that it is a specific set of operations of tasks, commanded or ordered for a computer to perform. Tonight, this definition haunts me, as I read it again and again, you ask why, because unconsciously it has become a purpose of my life which I never even knew.

Now I as a programmer, has repeated this for more than 10 years and that which you repeat whether knowing or unknowingly becomes not just a part of you but it starts as a habit and penetrates to every instance of your life, wherever is extended. To my understanding of today, I have viewed life as a set of operations or tasks, which I command for it to perform. Do you understand where it leads us as a programmer in life. I as a programmer have been labelled the impractical, the unknowing, the stubborn, aggressive and much more. Life cannot be viewed as a set of instructions, operations or tasks and certainly it has mostly not been in command to my wishes. It has always been a multiple episode of natural yet very spontaneous or radical change.

I have been in resistance to it because when programs don't operate as commanded, they throw errors and with experience you can tell too, they are very ugly, the errors. Now think about for a moment, when life doesn't operate as commanded and starts spewing out all sorts of errors, they are ugly. This mathematical conclusion will suggest that resistance is futile and should have been avoided at all times, for I should have let reality be real. Towards the stream of life, one should not be life rocks, sitting still, taking the pressure of the flow of the water, gushing, crushing down on it but like water itself should one become, so we flow naturally in whatever way it is.

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