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Lauren Krantz
Lauren Krantz

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Nevertheless, Lauren Coded

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I started to code in 2009 because...

It was fun! I had studied Astrophysics in my Undergrad but ran all around taking courses across Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Disciplines and I knew I wanted to do a job where I never had to do the same thing every day and could learn new things while getting paid to do so!.. In the end, software just felt like a good fit for that ;)

I deserve credit for...

the attention I put into running backend code bases across multiple products, and focusing on design patterns and architectures which improve performance as well as always being a person my coworkers can turn to with questions because I always make sure to bring my best self while at work and be accessible within the community. I think a part of being a great engineer, is being open to communicate and learn something new, who knows? You might find a new and novel approach to your problem you would've never thought of! I also think patience and being kind with others will always yield a better design and development release cycle.

I hope to see the tech community...

become more accessible to differing points of view and that means being inclusive to minorities of every race, sexual orientation and gender identity! I think we do ourselves a huge disservice when we keep tech at arm's length and tell others they don't fit the mold of what an engineer should look like, there is no mold. Just have passion and you will do fine! Be diligent and hardworking and you will go further, and let others in! Gatekeeping in all tech fields is one of the biggest issue, when people complain there are no good candidates I remind them how we have ostracized and alienated those with deep passion for engineering and learning and puzzle solving from following engineering due to sexual harrassment, homophobia, and telling everyone to fit into a box.

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