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How i plan to elevate my designing skills on 2020 πŸŽ‰

Designing is a big part of the web development proccess and it is the best way to attract new users to your platform. I always lacked the ability to make unique beatiful designs. You know this feeling after successfully finishing a website and getting the feel that this looks professional? . That is what i plan on achieving to feel after making most of my new websites on 2020 πŸŽ‰. But how do i plan to achieve this?

Copying 50 different beatiful designs

This way i will be able to start having a feel about what is and what isn't beatiful in general. It will give me a good sense about which fonts go well together and which colors match good. While 50 is definitely an excessive number i do believe strongly in the repetition makes the master mentallity

Reading more and more about graphic design

While doing a copy of a website might be useful to get a feel about your design quality it doesn't state exactly why you get the feeling of quality on your design. A good designing book will hopefully give me an idea of what exactly quality means on designing standards and help me create my own stunning designs.

Are You aware of any better ways to help me get better on designing?

If you have any resources, or any other ways that i could follow to become a better designer i would deeply appreciate it! Just comment down below.

Oh and while we are at it, this is my first official post on dev πŸŽ‰! Thanks to dev for giving us free entertainment and i hope i will be able to entertain or help people with my posts as i continue writing!

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