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Joey Laguna for The Collab Lab

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Cohort 5 Recap

Collab Lab’s 5th cohort wrapped up a few weeks ago! You should totally hire this bunch. They're so amazing!

This cohort took place during uneasy and troubling times for all. I hope I speak for everybody that was involved that this was something I looked forward to every week and was a shining light in the darkness.

This cohort consisted of Aisling Hennessy, Diane Kim-Lim, Jennifer Batara, and Jon Bascos. The mentors were Lauren Beatty, Stacie Taylor-Cima and Joey Laguna.

This group really put the Collab in Collab Lab. After only a few weeks, the team on their own was working like a real software development team. They really focused on getting a strong understanding of the requirements each week. Each week their code review skills improved and their communication as a team was on point! By the end of the cohort, the group was getting weekly requirements knocked out early and started opening their own issues and making tickets!

Collab Lab's last sprint check-in

After this cohort, Jennifer and Aisling went on to a new pilot program from Collab Lab. There should be more info on that coming soon!

What I'm really trying to say from all this is that this is an excellent group of software developers and you should totally hire them! Checkout our About Us page to get in contact with them!

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Jon Bascos

Wow! Thank you for that, Joey! It was great learning from amazing mentors like you, Lauren, and Stacie! It was an awesome experience that I would recommend to everybody!

ashlingh profile image
Aisling Hennessy

What a lovely read thank you for your kind words. It was a pleasure working with you!