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Alejandro Ñáñez Ortiz for The Collab Lab

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Team 14 Recap

The Collab Lab's 14th team wrapped up last week! This one has been really special to me as it's the first one (but not the last one!) that happened completely in Spanish!
For me, it felt like a dream came true. If I had told myself one year ago that I'd be mentoring people from Latin America fully in Spanish, I would had laughed at myself!

The Participants

The Mentors

The Project

They got together as a team, and built a web application using React.js and Firebase that's deployed to Netify during 8 weeks.
They went from a really basic looking application, to this beautiful piece

They, like the real software development team the are, had some trouble meeting some deadlines in the last couple of weeks, but they put it together and managed to complete everything they had in mind before the end of the 8th week. I have to say that I'm really proud of them and what they accomplished.


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Thanks Alejandro, I was really very happy in this project, I learned a lot and I feel fortunate to be part of the Collab Lab.