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The Collab Lab TCL-30 Wrap-up: Fly to Me Edition!

TCL 30 in their first Weekly meeting



Code of Conduct Responder

The Dream Team

The Collab Lab is all about learning and understanding how our different strengths combine together to create unstoppable teams. Each member of the development team brought their strengths.

  • Alejandro: Tremendous skill and humility.
  • Jessica: Attention to detail and organization.
  • Katia: Exacting standards and amazing technical skill.
  • Megan: Professionalism, poise and a remarkable grown mindset.

They worked together to build a progressive web app (PWA) that shows you nearby Wikipedia entries. You can share your location and the app displays a Google Map that highlights points of interest near you as you explore!

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The Advanced Project

TCL-30 marked our 3rd time running the “advanced” project. What makes it advanced? Compared to the smart shopping list project that all Collabies participate in, this one more closely simulates a real-world project:

  • Issues on the project board vary in size. Some take as little as a day. Some span multiple weeks.
  • We use Jira, a common project management system used in software organizations. If you haven’t used Jira before, it has its own learning curve!
  • Developers on the project have multiple points through the course of the project where they get to choose their own adventure by setting priority of various features.
  • The stories on the project board are considered more of a starting point for discussion than a fixed set of features with well-defined acceptance criteria.

Additionally, the app itself is a bit more complicated than the shopping list app. It requires managing a lot of asynchronous state, which can get pretty mind-bendy!

Mentors Andrew and Lauren were impressed by the team’s dedication to code standards, openness to learning new technologies and approaches, and thoughtful, respectful code review.

With their technical and collaboration skills, each of these developers would make an immediate positive impact on your team.

So hire them! 🚀

Top comments (2)

alxmcr profile image
Alejandro M. Coca

Wow! Thank you so much for so kind words about us! It was big teamwork!

TCL-30 was an incredible experience & an unforgettable journey! I'm so happy about the app that we did. I'm a lucky person that I had the opportunity to meet & work with all of you! You're amazing friends & teammates.

Our mentors are awesome. Lauren & Andrew always were willing to help, support us, answer our questions, give advice, tips, their code reviews were at the next level (respectful, detailed, checking that we were applying the best practices and coding standards, sharing your experience & knowledge, learning together, etc.). I really appreciate all their work, effort, and valuable time!

I learned a lot from all of you, friends, mentors, and The Collab Lab.
Thanks a million, TCL-30 team!

segdeha profile image
Andrew Hedges

So fun to have been a part of this team! These developers are all amazing, seriously. Hire them!!!