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How to write a good Technical Article

As a developer, I have made $500 in the last month writing Technical Articles.

Below are some of the things I have learned about writing a good technical article.

What is a technical article?

A technical article is an article that is used to inform, instruct, or direct a specific audience on how to do something.

To write a good technical article, there are some things you need to get right.

1. Come up with a good structure or layout.

The format of an excellent technical article includes:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

A title should be a headline that demands attention and should have keyword combinations that reflect what the article is about.

The introduction should describe the problem and the solutions that the article will cover. Ensure that the introduction lets the reader know what the article is all about.

In the body part of the article, describe the problem and the solution in detail. Try to tell a story. The story should keep the reader engaged at every step. Make a list of your main points. Then progress from one point to another logically to lead to a conclusion.

The conclusion should essentially include a summary of all the main points mentioned in the body.

2. Do a lot of research.

Writing a good technical article is challenging because it can take a lot of your time and often requires doing a lot of research.

Doing research when writing a technical article will help you understand the problem you are trying to solve and the solutions you can come up with.

The research will also help you understand your audience and the message you are trying to deliver to them.

3. Know your audience

Knowing your audience when writing a technical article is very important because:

  • It helps you to make decisions about what information you should include.
  • It directs you on how you should arrange that information.
  • It helps to know what supporting details will be necessary for the reader to understand what you are presenting.

Keeping your audience in mind will help you organize your ideas and how best to support your argument.

4. Use examples

Use examples to help your audience better understand and relate to key points of the technical article you are writing.

Examples can be in the form of screenshots or code snippets.

As a technical writer, examples can serve as evidence to support your general claims or arguments.

5. Read other technical articles.

Reading other technical articles will help you get inspiration and give you ideas on writing better articles.

You can get inspiration by reading some of the technical articles I have written and published so far.

This article shows you how to export Stripe payments data from Stripe to Postgres for deeper queries and data analysis for visualization.

This article directs you on how to use Stored procedures to allow access to some parts of a table in a database while denying direct select, insert, update and delete operations against the table.

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Could you elaborate more on how did you earn this money?

I mean, I am interested in writing technical articles but which are the platforms/apps paying you for writing?

Any advice is appreciated!

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Yogesh Chavan