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How to make Next.JS starter template.

Who 🥱likes boilerplate code?
no one, we in our inner 🤯mind want to automate 🤖boring, repetitive task👷.
Like writing config files📂. install packages📦, and all.
if you want to automate your next.js setup you can start making your own template for Next.js.
That's too easy🙋.

Initially start you nextjs project and set it up,
install the package n' all which you would have in your template.

then after doing this stuff,
😺🐙GitHub comes to play▶️.
make a GitHub repo, write the name for the repo, remember that the name which you will set now will be used to make the clone so, set the name properly.

after setting the repo, push the code💪.

after doing this stuff. got to
the setting of specific repo and find ☑️template checkbox,
make sure you ✅ check that, after doing this.
now your repo is ready 👟to be used as a template. and nothing else.

npx create-next-app <githuburl> <appname>
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you have to build your first template/

checkout 🙈 my template i have build Next.JS TailwindCSS+MongoDb+Typescript

Next starter Screen Shot

Next.js-TailwindCSS-MongoD Starter Template

Keep 🧑‍💻

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