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Real World Learning


Learning new things is the key to success. But if you are waiting for a good time to launch yourself and keep learning till then, apparently you are going to lose a lot of great opportunities. Let's see how Learn and Stack in brain is way different from Learning By Doing. I'll try to emphasis on why learning by doing is better than learn and stack. This post is much useful for the new developer rather than old one.

How you are learning things?

Are you one who learn and store data like HDD? Learning from courses and documentation for the purpose of learning new things and stacking them in mind is very popular among new developers. Are you one of them? Perhaps, you are learning new things which are cool and fun to learn. But, are you really making difference to your knowledge for good? Let's see further does it really worthful learning, learning, and learning all the way till job.

You may be thinking that learning new things is good then why it is not strongly endorsed yet. Think of the time when things were started creating. When Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Google; they were not experts in dozens of languages. After Google was created and other new technologies came into scene they didn't go back to any course or college learning to learn them and make a pile of them in brain. They learned all the new technologies into action. Either by using in Google or by doing other projects. This is what learn by doing. Just doing the work using the technology by reading the documentation is great rather than just learning and stacking in the brain. This is wastage of time, as your learning growth will be slow by learning, learning, and learning. When you will try these things in action you might need some docs or reference to recall the stored material.


Don't wait for the moment to start working on the things by learning bunch of languages and other technologies. Suppose, you started learning new framework of JavaScript. No doubt, you solved some basic practise assignments. What about real world problems? They are not as real as these tiny things. So, if you find an opportunity to do work on actual projects by freelancing or open-source contribution don't waste it assuming you are learning yet and way behind real world.

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