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Week 2 of Coding Period in GSoC

Amanjot Singh
Just another guy who loves to code.
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Welcome here! Before you pronounce actillimandataquerin altosapaoyabayadoondib! Let me tell you my crispy experience of week 2 in the GSoC.

The second week started on 14 June 2021 and ended on 21 June 2021. I solved the issue of Email server validation. This issue was if the admin has not updated the SMTP server details in the application it should force the admin to set up first. This was required because if any user creates an account the user was not getting any email, neither the user could recover the password. Further, there was a discussion for this task about setting up SMTP server at localhost. The full conversation can be read on the PR

Then I worked on removing linting errors from code PR link. This task was super knowledgeable because I removed all the linting errors manually from each file. Though I had a hunch that this thing can be done all at once. Unfortunately, I could recall or find the solution. After I finished the task I found the solution. ESlint gives us a provision to fix all the auto-fixable linting issues. We need to run this command npm run lint -- --fix. Link to StackOverflow question where I found this is here

Then I looked into the issue of upload progress of model There was already a PR for this issue. So I talked with my mentor about this PR that some changes were required to make this PR solve the issue. I end up having my PR from this commit and add new changes to that PR. This issue is a work in progress.

Apart from that, most of my time went into learning management for that project. From my prior job experience and discussions with other people I thought it will be good if I manage things like time and handle the issues properly. So I thought I create a Trello board for my tasks where I'll write my tasks. Further, I am studying Scrum management for this.

I hope the next week will be awesome with this management. I will share the link to the Trello board in the next week 3 blog as well. I will see you in the next blog. Have a wonderful day!

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