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Create your own node framework

I've created a simple node framework just to get the idea behind node frameworks like express.

check the code in this repo.

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A simple Node framework

Simple Node framework


  • A simple node framework with zero dependency
  • An Express like framework that implements the middleware pattern
  • For demonstration purpose only, not for production (maybe later)


To get the idea behind node frameworks specially express (the most popular node framework)


  • Middlewares handling is being implemented using the chain of responsibility pattern, check lib/App.js to see the implementaion details
  • Extending the http.ServerResponse object functionality by adding some util method that make it easier to send response, it uses the builder pattern to build the response before sending it to the client, check lib/Response.js
  • Adding BodyParser middleware that parse the request body by listening to the http.IncommingMessage on data event and keep concatinating the incomming buffer chunks until the end event fires, then it will call the next middleware after adding the body object to the req , so later we can access the body in our…

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