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How I Passed my Solutions Architect Associate Exam

How I Passed my Solutions Architect Associate Exam

I've been using AWS professionally for about three years now, and I only actually needed to study for a couple weeks to pass once I really got started. I also had never created a VPC or an EC2 Scaling Group before a couple weeks ago. So it's not like I didn't have anything to learn.

I started my training with the A Cloud Guru course on Udemy. Their training is really top-notch, and they provide all of their associate level courses on Udemy--which you can pick up for $12 on sale. That's also how I studied for the Developer Associate exam, and it's how I'll be studying for the SysOps Administrator certification.

Next I purchased the WhizLabs Practice Tests for the exam. I've tried several practice exam resources in the past (including from and these seem to be the best value. After taking the exam, you can look at all of the questions that you got wrong and it provides detailed explanations for why each answer is correct/incorrect.

I would say my final step was to schedule the exam, but that was actually the most important. I've been "studying" for this exam for a few years and I just keep on putting it off. Once I scheduled the exam I was committed, and suddenly studying became a high priority. And now I've got another cool badge for linkedIn, and--more importantly--some new AWS skills.

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Joseph Maurer

How much would you say it cost you all together?

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Ben Force Author

I'd say it cost about $25 for the course and practice tests. Following along with the labs on my AWS account would've cost about $40, but I get $100 a month in credits from AWS for hosting an alexa skill (more information:

So $65, plus the cost of the test which is $150 for the first one, then you get a 50% off coupon every time you pass an aws exam.