Angular Is Crappy

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Actually, this is my first post on dev.to. I've been trying to use or understand what angular is all about but it isn't sinking. I feel like Angular is over-engineered which makes it bulky for features easily implemented in React and Vue. I will be very happy if someone can give me a convincing reason to try it out. And mind you I'm a Vue lover.

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I bring my experience. I have been working with angular since alpha version (also with angularJs) and I think it’s very helpful for large and scalable projects. At all of this time we’ve had very few bugs and all of them simple to detect and solve. It’s true sometimes is complex to do something but offsets the stability and ease of maintenance of the project.

I think if you need a js framework for a small or medium project, or to create components to integrate with your front, React or Vue are great (or better) options.


Angular is a "batteries included" kind of framework. Its the whole kitchen sink.

I believe Angular's "thing" is complex Single Page Applications. It gives rules, structure and tools that (I think) are meant for teams. If used correctly you can have a consistent code base that looks like it was made by one developer.

Vue and React for example, are libraries. They give you freedom, but you know, you're basically on your own. You have to setup your own rules and structure (and hope everyone on your team follows).

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