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Hello, World!

Oh ho ho. My title is so clever.

Hello, everyone. I am Kelly. I am a software engineer by day and a game dev by night. I am the lead engine developer on a sandbox ARPG for Obvious Piranha LLC.

I have decided to enter the wild world of blogging. I've been a selfish consumer of knowledge on the Internet to the point where I become upset when I cannot find key information. An important habit I've picked up recently is carefully recording and organizing links in a way (private wiki) that my team can easily access.

I've come to appreciate this habit for myself. Learning things and documenting them helps me immensely. The deeper I delve into my engine, the more I run into obscure problems that require crazier solutions. I've started feeling guilty keeping those realizations to myself. I want to keep a public journal of key discoveries in hopes that I can inspire, enlighten, or learn.

I already have a number of posts I'd like to write. I just need to make the time for them. The first post will likely go into detail why I chose to use C# to write a game engine from scratch! (Not C++? Not Unity? Blasphemy!)

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