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Which JavaScript framework is the best?

Just kidding.

React is where the jobs are right now.

But I hear Vue is easiest to work with.

Happy to join the community with my first post. Thanks for your time </>

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I use Vue for nearly all projects, but for enterprise apps only Angular

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April Smith

I use angular at work but i think i prefer react as its more scalable and easy to use

4u6u570 profile image

LMAO, hi! This is my first comment :D

mzaini30 profile image

hahahhaha. choose what makes you comfortable 🤗

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Braydon Harris

My go to response for this is to pick the right tool for the job. I use Angular at my job which I like working with for enterprise apps but I've also been looking into vue and svelte a little bit.

vuelancer profile image

Vue is lot easier than angular and little easier than react I think...

React has more jobs but angular & vue has less.

I personally like VUE more than anything!

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Niraj Nandish

I use Vue for my projects but React is where the jobs at mainly.

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