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Top Edpresso Articles - June 2020

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Happy July 1st!

Many great articles were written by our contributor community last month. The ones below received the most attention from our viewers ☕️

1. How to set up a Spark environment

This article walks you through how to install Spark and set up Jupyter Notebooks in a Linux/Mac environment. Before you start, make sure that you have Java8 or above ​and Python 3 installed. Check out Peter Geng’s Educative profile to learn more about him.

2. What are mutable and immutable objects in Python3?

“A mutable object is a changeable object that can be modified after it is created.” “An immutable object is an object whose state can never be modified after it is created.” Read the rest to and further understand how each object type is handled and used in Python. Check out Mandava Kranthi Kiran’s Educative profile to learn more about him.

3. How to set up ChromeOS for web development

Learn how to enable developer mode in Chrome OS and about Caret, CodePad, Quantum, Zed, and Chromebrew. Install Linux with Crouton and discuss IDEs and stacks. This article is very comprehensive and gets a lot done in a short amount of time. Check out Martin Victor Onuoha’s Educative profile to learn more about him.

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4. Minimum coin change in C++ - a dynamic programming question

Alt Text The Minimum Coin Change problem is a famous programming interview question that can be solved with a recursive approach and a dynamic programming approach (bottom-up). If you are interviewing, this problem is worth understanding. Check out Harsh Jain’s Educative profile to read more shots written by him.

5. Object-oriented concepts as explained to a 6-year-old

This is the top-rated article for the month of June. Learn about classes, objects, and OOP principles in a way so easy that a 6-year-old could understand it. Check out Chisom Nwokwu’s Educative profile to learn more about her.

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