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Top Edpresso shots-March 2020

Happy April 1st!

We've taken a moment to reflect on our most trafficked shots from March. Give them a read, and see what you think 😃

  1. Rest in Peace, grep! This shot goes over the reasons why ripgrep is faster (and better) than grep. Creator Abhinav Kumar goes over ripgrep’s benefits, “gotchas,” installation process, and basic benchmarks. Check this shot out if you are interested in finding a great alternative to grep in Rust.

  2. How to find max and min from a list. According to creator Manzar Iqbal Malik, “Finding the maximum and minimum values in a list is pretty easy because of the built-in max and min functions provided by Python. However, you may be wondering what the logic behind these functions is. Let me explain with a couple of code snippets.” Click here to find out what the logic is behind these functions!

  3. React Native Deep Linking Simplified. Join Shad Mirza as he explains deep linking in React Native, goes over “why” we want it, “how” we can add it, the steps involved to start a project, and how to open your project with URL.

  4. Understanding widgets in Flutter (burger analogy 🍔). Our most trafficked shot for March is this explanation of how you can easily understand widgets in Flutter. We won’t give away too much, but creator Cynthia Peter does a fantastic job of comparing widgets to the layers of a burger.

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Very apt.