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wilson salgado quiceno
wilson salgado quiceno

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1 year ago I was with a group of friends in my country of origin, Colombia. Without money or for a decent pc, this project took us out of the economic hole we were in, that's why I have so much affection for this project.

It is a web project based on meteor js, react js created with the need to replace the old system of cards printed on paper, also to help giving the grain of sand that this was inclemental and finally extinguish all that is the printed media on paper.

It is a web platform in which the client registers, buys a plan for 1 year and can have his digital card fully administrable with an integration of CEO and Prerender


Backend Developer:
Backend Developer:
Frontend Developer:


It is the first time in any call and I would like to know more I have many projects that may interest humanity in general and every day working for the environment and improvement as a species

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