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Question on 'contributing to open source project'

I want to contribute to open source projecs like mozilla web docs(mozilla mdn) but I don't know how to contribute in this project. I read its contribution guide, it tells that it uses docker and many other things.I stuck in other projects as well.
But I know git and github, and I did previously 1 contribution in 1 open source project
So,I want to know how to contribute to open source projects like mozilla.
Please help me out.

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Rishi Purwar • Edited

I don't get stuck in searching for projects or bugs.
I stuck in setting up a local environment for that repository.
Today, I select the fossasia voice republic project and find a bug from an issue section. And after some debugging, I can solve that bug.
But here comes a part where I get stuck in setting up the local environment for this project.

I read of this project. It is very intimidating. But I tried to understand what is written in it. After juggling for an hour or two, I didn't understand anything.
The actual problem comes in setting up the local environment.
Please help me how to setup a local environment for a repository.

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Swastik Baranwal

Be active in their community and learn more things daily.

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Rishi Purwar

Ok, Thanks for your response.
But I want to know if I am interested in some project and I want to contribute.
So, How will I do? I want to know the process.
Refer to my question for more detail.

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Arpan Adhikari

Hi, You can check this link. All the resources are available to get started.
Also you can contribute to their GitHub projects :