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Codecademy Python Final Project

Hello everyone!This is my Python final project for Codecademy. This is my first project where I used python and bash on my own computer. I decided to do a small trivia game where you would need to answer 10 questions and could only get one wrong before the game would end. I have experience making a couple games in C# with Unity, but I've never made one with the terminal.

I didn't want to worry about making the game too complicated, instead I wanted to make one that did a couple of interesting things in the code (for me at least) that would show a little bit of more advanced code than just simply using functions. These included having random questions chosen from an array, randomizing the answer choices, and removing the questions from the array once they were asked so there would be no repeats. I also made the code so I could easily remove or add questions and not need to change the functions at all. I also made it so the only line of code besides the functions and variables was game_start() and compartmentalized it to work from there.

While this is definitely a minimum viable product, I am happy with how it turned out. If I were to focus on content I would have added randomized responses to correct or incorrect answers as well as a bit more story, but that was not the focus of this project so I wanted to practice not over reaching and considering it complete.

Below is a link to the code if you would like to take a look, I would love to hear what you think! (positive or negative, I'm a big boi and can handle criticism)

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