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📆 Livestream Event - Build Your Own Public Digital Garden

A digital garden is a place to take concepts from initial discovery all the way to original published posts. It's the idea that concepts grow over time. You tend to this concept over time rather than all at once.

Digital gardens shifted my mindset from needing to post polished blog posts to being ok with rough drafts and coming back to that post when I learn more.

On May 19th, Maggie, Aengus, Aravind, and I will be mob programming on Maggie's digital garden. We will be implementing bi-directional links, link over preview, and talking about how we use our notes to build a digital garden.

Register here if you want to join us!

If you want to read more about digital gardens, here are some great articles:

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This Dot Media

Ou this is awesome! Sounds like a great opportunity 😁

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Binyamin Green

Cool! Thanks for the post.