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Social network CMS framework for business - Any recommendation?

Hi,I want to create a Social Net platform for companies with a niche market. In the profile section should have a kind of roadmap, team and advisors.

In the middle, posting updates from the company progress or relevant news.

And a section where only people can comment and read, but not publish (only companies will publish, is only invitation).

I did some research, as I never buld any social net (only few websites with framework of Wordpress and themeforests).

Any advice? TIA

Elgg 3.0:

Old community, no more news themes, and difficult to change the core from the platform (look the resources).


Simmilar than Elgg, they changed the core from Elgg, but it took 2 years and a lot of devs to do that! We don't have enough resources, and we don't need a blockchain neither crypto to start the platform (at least at the beggining, then we can integrate some tokens or coins via API from 0x or other sources that already exists).


Paying about 200€ and is a beauty and nice framework behind wordpress. It is something but can't change a lot of things.

Framework example:


There is Jomsocial, a framework to build a social net integrated in the framework of Joomla.


I like the community, price and the platform, but is like an upgrade from elgg.

Showcases of Easy social:


There is Open Social:

It is partly open source, then you have to pay per month for more users. very good content but expensive, we don't need that now.

Showcases: &

Open Social Network:

very similar than facebook, but free and with a big community and developers. there is a premium for 210$

New Dolphin framework: (this one is my fav.)

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