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Top 10 Free Bootstrap UI Kits for 2020

Did you know that as of 2018, roughly 18 million websites have been using Bootstrap as a CSS Framework? That shows us just how popular this framework is.

A few years ago the so called Bootstrap UI Kits started showing up, which are basically an extension to the base amount of components Bootstrap has by default.

The new year is here and I would like to curate a list of the top 10 free Bootstrap UI Kits that you can use to kickstart your awesome projects!

10. Get Shit Done Kit

Get Shit Done Kit

Apart from the motivating title, Get Shit Done Kit is a very clean Bootstrap UI Kit that is perfect if you don't want to get too fancy with styling and want to keep things simple.

9. Flat UI

Flat UI

Flat UI is the perfect kit if you are a big fan of Flat User Interfaces. It doesn't have a lot of example pages, however the components are just right to get you started building awesome websites.

8. Ayro UI

Ayro UI

Next up comes Ayro UI which has the largest collection of pages. The style of the kit is not the best, however it does compensate with quantity. To get started with a simple personal website this kit can be just what you need.

7. Now UI Kit

Now UI Kit

Now UI Kit has been around since 2018 and it still is a very well rounded kit inspired by Material UI. Additionally to the components you also get a couple of beautiful pages to kickstart your project.

6. Shards UI Kit


Shards is a beautiful and clean Bootstrap UI Kit. What stands out are the form error styles, calendar inputs and sliders that most of the other kits do not have. This is definitely a kit to take into consideration.

5. MdBootstrap


MdBootstrap is a very popular Bootstrap library based on Google's Material UI Design. They have integrated the components in most popular JS Frameworks such as Angular, React.js, Vue.js and so on. Although Material UI has been on a decline it is worth considering it for your next project.

4. Material Kit

Material Kit

Material Kit by Creative Tim is also based on the infamous Material UI from Google. Compared to MdBootstrap, this UI kit also comes with a couple of example pages that you can use as an orientation. The beautiful purple colors are also a feature that makes it stand out.

3. WrapKit Lite

WrapKit Lite

WrapKit Lite most definitely deserves to be in the top 3 of this list. It is one of the newer UI Kits out there and it comes with a few sections that some of the other kits do not have. Based on these extra few elements this kit can be a good fit for your project.

2. Pixel Lite UI Kit

Pixel Lite UI Kit

Pixel Lite is one of the newest Free Bootstrap UI Kits that has been launched in 2019. It comes with a unique, clean and colorful style. One of the notable features is that it also comes with a timeline component and 3 example pages. Definitely worth a look!

1. Argon


Argon is most definitely one of the best Bootstrap UI Kits out there as of today. Beautiful components and a handful of pages & sections is the perfect combination to get started with your project. The design of the kit is spot on encompassing simplicity and style.

Let us know what kit you use in the comment section!

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