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I've seen the same implementation in PHP done in 3 lines


Could you post it?


If anyone's interested, here are different implementations of this general procedure in languages like PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, and so on. The PHP implementation is indeed just 3 lines:

password_hash($password, PASSWORD_BCRYPT);
$salt = '$2y$10$' . mcrypt_create_iv(22);
$salted_password = crypt($password, $salt);

Yes, I remember because I had to port a similar algorithm in Java and it was like 200 lines of code vs this one!


Yes, most of us agree that dynamically typed languages are easier/faster to code in and generally involve less lines of code But your comment isn't very encouraging, and doesn't add value to this post. Maybe I'm misreading, but it sounds fairly hostile. Do reconsider next time.

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