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re: So how would you suggest to solve the technology gap? There has to be some disruption on the field as universities are too expensive and offer too ...

That's a very good question. I agree that we need disruption in this space. I have in fact been working on designing a boot camp to solve this issue, but the biggest challenge manifests when you try to scale. As you alluded to earlier, we need more brains, not laborers.

While I might not have an answer to all the problems, I have identified potential areas of concerns with boot camps:

  1. Cramming too many topics and being too generalized

  2. Over-committing and under-delivering on various fronts - job placement, providing 1:1 support, etc.

  3. Sub-par instructors with very little experience and professional background

  4. Making it appear like it is legit - vetting applicants

  5. Combining this as a destination boot camp

  6. False advertising. Showcasing students as case-studies without revealing that they have had prior exposure to programming.

  7. Focusing on irrelevant things. Frameworks instead of fundamentals.

In my opinion, we need to focus on fundamentals, problem-solving, and relevant topics. We should make them highly-skilled in one or two areas and cultivate a culture of just-in-time learning. All that needs to be coupled with hands-on experience.

That's true, unfortunately, if you want to make quick bucks you have to oversimplify, cut corners and hide the scary stuff. That's why coding in bootcamps should be done as part of a holistic plan and not as the only way to learn programming.

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