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Twilio Hackathon "Looking for Contributors" Thread

Are you looking for contributors to help out on your submission for the Twilio Community Hackathon? Then you came to the right place — this thread is for you!

Consider turning on your open DEV Connect inbox at the top of your settings page to make it easier for people to contact you.

Here are other helpful hackathon resources:

Best of luck finding contributors to help with your project! 🙂

Here is a list of commenters from the main announcement thread who were seeking contributors:

Does anyone want to team up for this?

Anyone want to team up to do this? Preferably Fullstack JavaScript

Hey folks, hope everyone is doing as well as they can be. I'd love to collaborate with some folks on this! I'm the backend developer behind WYA, the events app for Snapchat (if you've hard of it). I do a lot of backend, but have frontend experience too. Would love to join a team! Feel free to reach out

Stay safe everyone!

Hey my name is David, I do react front ends and node back ends, I also code in c++, python and java if anyone needs a team mate, send me a text trough here or send me an email at

Hey all :).

I am a front-end developer that can use Vue.js and Node.js with MongoDB and Express experience. I would love to be able to find someone to collaborate with and make something cool whilst taking this as a great learning experience! :)

If I am someone you want to team with or if I can work with you hit me up with an email @

Hi, If anyone is looking to pair up hit me up. I am Frontend Developer from India. Mainly working with React JS. Thank you Twilio Team for arranging this. Excited 🤩

Happy Hacking :)

Who want to team up for making the app or a service that will probably use most of the twilio services and that is related to COVID-19

I can do either apps or anything else that can be a for example a website that will use some of the services of the Twilio to notify people about current events. Although the application that I plan to make web and mobile should have a potential lifetime that is longer then the emergent situations like the virus epidemic.

Also I am experienced in SIP communication and VoIP protocols and could work also on project that is related to audio or video compression.

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