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dev.to staff on August 16, 2018

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Hello, my name is Luis. I'm from Colombia. I'm an electronic engineer but I love to code. I'm not a pro in this, but I try my best to learn every day. I'm learning Angular 6 right now. My favorite non-coding hobby is perhaps to travel. That's it, thanks a lot.


Saludos Luis!
I'm a developer but I'm in love with embedded dev, embedded Linux, microcontrollers and such (ST32 HAL is beautiful in my opinion!)

Anyways, welcome!


here's one way:

const myFunc = (number) => 
  number === 1 ? 0 : number === 0 ? 1 : null;

// 0

// 1

// null
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Oh yes embedded is most in use this days and grow like multiply as everyone now know streaming even small companies and organisations going for streaming


Hi Sir, Can You answer this question??
Write a vanilla javascript program that returns 0 when input is 1 and 1 when input is 0. Do not use if, for, while, switch, do statements. Write as many implementation as you can think of (minimum 4 ways).


Hello. Well, I think this is it:

f1 = (input) => { return (1+input)%2 };

f1(0); // 1
f1(1); // 0

f2 = (input) => { return (1-input)%2 };

f2(0); // 1
f2(1); // 0

f3 = (input) => { return ~input&1 };

f3(0); // 1
f3(1); // 0

f4 = (input) => { return +!input };

f4(0); // 1
f4(1); // 0

I'm waiting for your comments about it. Thank you.


Nice! :) What kind of projects do you work in as an Electronic Engineer?


Well, nothing exciting. I worked for a medical company for about 7 years, but my job was to install, repair and do maintenance to medical devices. Right now my job is in the management area... kind of boring sometimes, but a job is a job ;)

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hmm.... i need the .. have a example??



My name is Ryan and I'm a systems admin pretending to be a programmer. Looking to learn from others and hopefully give back too! Most of my experience is on the Systems/Ops side, with most of my programming being of the integration/monitoring/back end fun variety.


As a fellow pretender, it's great to see you here, Ryan!


I've just switched back to programming after a 10-15yr stint as a sysadmin - not having to fret about dodgy disk drives or power outages is the main plus point so far ;-)


That sounds like a lot of fun I'm the CEO of a company and I'm not very good at programming the software firm that I developed we have over 300 developers so I don't really have to be good at coding but I have to be good at Concepts and business management but I'm really good at reading people being able to read people is really important in software development and business which is what I excel in I do code for fun with unity and JavaScript. I really should be better at coding but when you have 300 software engineers and you an American company it gives you a lot of clout and imagination to make your ideas come to life rapidly started a game development company with my four Sons because teaching him about business and technology. I thought was really important for what better way to do that than to teach business Concepts and basic development then to make your own games.


Hello Ryan! Great to meet you. What technologies do you use for automation being a sysadmin?



my name is Artur, i'm 16 old and i just beginner from Ukraine.
I cant understand how to start learn programming correctly. Seems like you must be genius of logic to work with it. This feels like i need anyone who can help me to start.
I want to spend all my life in gamedev.
My favorite non-coding hobbies is drawing, writing, 3D modelling and all what can be creative.


Programming can have a steep learning curve. Don't let that discourage you.
For starters:
-Pick ONE language to start with.
-WRITE lots of code. If you don't know what to write, try Project Euler. They have many small puzzles to solve.
-READ other people's code.


What he said, but Euler never helped me much. The reading part is the most important. Pick a good language with friendly users. I like D. Python people tend to get annoyed at newbies frequently. A good thing to start on is recreate an alternative to some closed source proprietary software. And never be afraid to reinvent the wheel.


Programming is a bit confusing in the beginning, but you'll get the hang of it soon enough, just keep practising!


Hello Artur!

Programming is a difficult but rewarding field. Good luck in your learning!

I've been enjoying Exercism lately as a tool to help learn a programming language. You might want to check it out.


Halo Artur, moi emja Paul. Ya izucheniyu po russki no schola militaria nyet Ukraina, särē. Your English is 'khorasho'. I've written a few Computer Science and Programming books (knyhy) Ya zaprosuvanje you to a copy of the nemnogo knyhy I wrote called "Becoming a Programmer" in conjunction with Artech House Publishing. It covers the basics of computer science, data structures and the mathematics necessary to know before writing a single line of code. It's been successfully used at several Computer Programming Summer Camps here in the States aimed at teens your age. It would be much easier to learn programming with these fundamentals understood well first. Yes?
I'd love to give you a copy in PDF just give me your Parents or Guardian's email address and I will send you a link where you can download it.
do pobachennya
Odyn Paul


Hi everyone,

My name is Atta and I am a Software Engineer with over 5 years of experience. I mostly work as a full stack developer in Java, Spring Boot, Angular and Node.js. I would love to explore and contribute meaningfully to dev.to.



My name is David. I work as a Software Engineer on backend servers running Spring Boot. I can't remember how I found out about dev.to but I'm happy to be here and be involved in this community.


Cool! What resources do you use to learn Spring boot framework?


Hi all, I've been coding since 1996 and am currently overwhelmed by the many different frameworks and tech stacks. Even in Python (Why use asyncio instead of concurrent?). Same reason I quit Magic: The Gathering for 15 years when phasing was added after cumulative upkeep and one had to memorize those rules.


I quit Magic too when they kept on adding more and more rules rofl


Fortunately, new rules are now explained on the cards themselves, and many have smartphones to look up rules online.


Hello Everyone,

My name is Ahsan Naveed. I am a 4th year Computing Science student looking forward to exploring this community and learning more from Y'all!



Hello, my name is Aditya. I am from India, currently working in USA. I am working in Quality Assurance field but interested in learning on how to code. I am learning Python and hoping to learn & share a lot in this forum. Thanks!


Hi all,

I am a Front-end Engineer who love to code and develop web apps and websites in ReactJS with an inclination towards creating meaningful components and styling up with Material UI and SCSS (also know many other CSS frameworks ;)


Hi all, my name is Ohad. I've been writing code since I was 13 years old and still consider programming and its various abstractions (logical reasoning, etc) as one of the main tools I use in my life. I started with computer graphics programming in what is known as the Demoscene and in recent history have been building web projects of all sorts and kinds.


Hey welcome to dev.to! How/why did you transition into web development?


Hey Liana, it was a pretty natural thing as more and more of my time as a user moved to using web apps/sites as opposed to then-native apps.


Hi everyone, name's Klyde. Got introduced to this awesome community by reading one of @shan5742 awesome blog! So I'm very new to Web Development, 2 weeks to be precise. HTML+CSS+Bootsrap and a little bit of JavaScript. Currently working on a side project that sends out weekly coding challenges, and building an awesome community of web developers like this one!

On my free time, I just chill and read books or mangas. Pleasure to be here!


Hey man, great to have you here, I'm sure you'll find it very useful! Be sure to check out the mentor program and just get involved as much as possible.


Thanks! Just finished sending it, eager to hear from someone soon!


Hi my name is David and I'm a digital marketer with a longtime fascination with coding that goes back to GW-BASIC in the early 80s. I've always loved automating things, and so today I'm learning Node.js to connect APIs. I've been involved the open source community for more than 10 years. My favorite non-coding hobby is motorcycling. It's great to be here!


Sounds great! I'm also learning Node.js. 10 years in open source community? Amazing!


Hello everyone! I am Enky! I found this app through Github. I think it looks fantastic and I am really eager to contribute to this community! I am studying machine learning and I normally code in Python, but I am learning Javascript on the side. I am mainly interested in machine learning, game development and web development. Open source projects really fascinate me and I really want to contribute to one and start getting that experience.

Nice to meet you guys all! :)


happy to have you here! yes, open source is one of the finest ways to learn real-world programming


Hi, I'm Suhel, from India. I'm a software engineer, working as an Android developer. I'm experienced in NodeJS, VueJS, iOS(Swift), MongoDB and some others. I just love learning new technologies in every field and try to implement them. I love driving, talking, being creative, discussing about new ideas. I hope to add some value here.


Welcome aboard Suhel. Having you here already adding value. I'm sure others would love to hear your personal experience with the technologies you mentioned.


Hello my Name is Rushikesh, i am a college student and blogger as well as admin of online activities of my class and friends.
I feel better to help other and solve the problems :)
I work with php, java, mysql, oracle, mssql, linux and hacking (pentesting)


Hello Devs! My name is Jose Antonio. I'm from Tandil a village in the center of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm a student of Systems Engineering. My interests as a developer are broad, from design and implement nice looking interfaces to solving algorithmic problems. I've worked in Web Development for the past 5 years and I hope to be able to share my dev travels and hear yours!



Hi Dev's

Gireesh Kademani here, soo called Software Engineer(Gopher) with over 2+ year of experience, i work mostly on 'GO' and C# for most of bank applications for forex.

Learning, Exploring and Sharing is the moto of life.


Great having you Gireesh. Why you say so-called?


Been working in the IT business since 2001 but never felt too confident to share my knowledge with the rest of the community. Started out programming cash registers using proprietary software, dipped my toes into .NET on my next job when it first came out but the next couple of years were mostly building webforms (just forms!) so not that exciting. Tried to go into consultancy next to experience newer things but, except for 1 excellent job (before I went on a world trip), never really got me anywhere until I found my current (fixed) job. Assisted in introducing .NET MVC into the company, been able to learn on the job and applying the latest in tech, project after project... Azure, JS frameworks as Knockout and Vue, self-hosted services... Always after extensive research about whether we could/should use it or not, creating a fond knowledge about different kinds of things, resulting in enough confidence to start sharing stuff. Hopefully, this will last as other (skilled) developers will eventually review the things I will write :)

PS: About my favorite non-coding hobby. That would be ice-hockey, active as a goalie and passive as a crazy San Jose Sharks fan.
PPS: I'm Belgian!


Welcome Kevin. Yes, it's me. Your colleague.😊


Then I'm glad I only said positive things about my current job :D


Hi. My name is Vinod and I am from Bangalore, India. I am a freelance developer, consultant and a trainer. I teach software to corporate companies and via online means. I share my classroom code via github (github.com/kayartaya-vinod/) and have some tutorials at my website (vinod.co).

These days, mostly my trainings are on Reactjs, Angular, Java and Python.


Cool! I believe people learn a lot when teaching. Good luck to you!


I have worked as a Network Technician for the past 6 years - from working at an internt café to medium-sized firms. I've studied almost everything completely by myself. Aside from networking, I learnt about WordPress development which landed me contracts with individuals and startups. I've developed almost all sites for free with the aim of sharpening my skills.

I've set out to move beyond my comfort zone, taking coding seriously, thereby becoming a full-stack web developer! I'm learning JavaScript right now, NodeJS will be next.

I've been reading dev.to articles for a while now and finally decided to join. God bless you for the awesome articles. ❤️


Hey everybody! My name is Honza and I’m a Bohemian. No really, I actually come from Bohemia, which is nowadays a part of the Czech Republic. Nice to join the Dev community. I found dev.to on twitter. There was that heading addressing the exact problem I’m facing right now - we’re goong to get another person on the team and I need to pass onto him/her quite a lot of knowledge. Well, coincidence or not - I found some useful advice from other devs and that convinced me to sign up. I’m hoping to connect with more like-minded people.


Welcome to the DEV Community! We're happy to have you here :)


Hello. I'm Geoff. I'm from regional Australia. I'm a retired academic. I've taught lots of IT related stuff over the years. Now I teach seniors how to use computers as a volunteer. Using computers is hard for many people. I'm good at making them seem easy.


Nice! The world definitely needs people to make computers simpler, approachable and less overwhelming. Great to have you.


Hello, I,m Slobodan (short Sloba), I work as full stack JS developer, I,m also interested in CG, AI, CV and software in general. I am learning all of that in my spare time. I am open to different approaches for software development and I think that makes me a better developer.


Hello, world! My name is Daniyar. I am 21 years old and I am from Kazakhstan.

I found this community by looking at "Trending github repos". One of the repos was "dev.to". I found dev.to cool, especially the design part. I wanted to see source code, but I do not understand Ruby, unfortunately =) .

I work as a full-stack developer. Btw, I have started #730DaysOfSuperHero challenge so each day I try to push myself to do something. In programming world, I consider myself as a beginner. Hope to become cool developer soon at least I am giving it a try now;)


Great to have you! I think you're already a cool developer.



My name is Yash, and I am a software engineer from India. I've studied a lot of theory on Data Science subjects such as predictive modelling, inferential statistics and touched base on machine learning and NLP. I am here to hopefully learn about how to practically implement what I've learnt. Oh and my favorite non-coding hobby is playing DotA 2


Hi all! I'm a front-end developer working on a few open source projects. I enjoy React and Material-UI.

My main projects are:


Hi Gang my name is Paul but my friends call me Skydivedad. I made my first Skydive in 1976 as a member of the U.S. Army (Airborne Infantry, HdQtrs HdQtrs 525 Military Intelligence Co. 18th Airborne Corp also known as the Sky Dragons) and have accumulated 2562 Civilian and 86 Military Jumps. I am a Master Licensed Skydiver in good standing by the United States Parachute Association, our governing body here in the States. All my jumps are logged in my log book and verified by signature and license number of a fellow USPA Member/Licensed Skydivers or Pilots who witnessed or participated in the skydive. I have skydives logged in 28 different States, 12 Countries and on 4 different Continents (North & South America, Europe and Asia working on adding Africa). Each and everyone of my skydives (other than the Military Jumps) were Fun and never for money. I learned early on not to mix my Sport and my livelihood. I participated in 2 Skydiving World Record attempts neither of which were successful records but a hell of a lot of fun. World Class Level Skydiving and World/Master Level Programming share many of the same necessary traits such as continuous discipline, ongoing continuous learning & training, a constant stream of new technologies, tools and techniques, a never quit attitude is an absolute must, overcoming fear especially when the aircrafts door is opened at 20,000 feet and you're first out as a floater actually hanging on outside the plane waiting for the green light which you can't see so you rely on your teammates inside (Team work is so important in Skydiving where mistakes doing a 200 MPH head down formation dive can break bones and other such things. This Sport requires a sort of resolve that only comes with experience, which only comes from exiting the aircraft when the light turns green, this is just like the sort of resolve I encounter with the World's top Developers. Developers/Programmers like Skydivers always look to improve and aren't afraid of painful honest self evaluations because they realize it is the only way forward.
(My answer to question number 3 above)

I've been lurking this site for a while now as I'm not much of a joiner (30+ years in aerospace development tends to jade oneself) but after realizing this is a really worthwhile site with a genuine mission to advance my fellow Devs and Programmers I joined as a Patron. My hope is to become a positive and helpful member whenever I can and to realize I gain most by giving most!
All The Best


Hi, I'm Dave Aiello. I am a web developer from Newtown, Pennsylvania, which is near Philadelphia. I work on client websites at After6 Services LLC. My major project as an indy developer is called RinkAtlas. RinkAtlas is a directory of over 4600 ice hockey arenas in the United States and Canada.


Hi All, My name is Milan Rawal, I'm 29 yrs old boy from Nepal. I have been doing web-backend programming in ruby and rails for past 4 yrs. I love computer science and cosmic science. I enjoy travelling new places, star gazing playing online games.


Hello, I am Deepak, I am from India and I just started my Internet life. I love to learn and help other to learn. I just started python programming, about 3 months ago I dont have any laptop or Internet connection but due to youtube tutorials. Now I own my personal laptop and I am learning A.I with python programming language.
Thanks a lot.


I found this by following a link to a post called "what is your hardest programming language?" I am a retired electrical engineer and have written a lot of applications in a number of languages during my career.


Hi everyone, from Minsk/Belarus!

My name is Igor and I am a Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience. Now I mostly work as a full stack developer in Java. I would like to explore and contribute meaningfully to dev.to.


Hi, I'm Walker. I'm a software engineer from Seattle. I've worked on games, VR/AR, and now I'm working on cloud infrastructure. In addition to writing code, I've managed and led teams up to about 15 people. Outside of software, I enjoy cycling, baking, board games, and brewing cider. I also have an adorable, 1-year old golden doodle.


Hello, my name is Karen. I'm from Brooklyn NY and have only been coding for 6 months and I love it. I'm a former junior high school math teacher who is relaunching herself on a new career path. Looking forward to learning and being a part of this community!

By the way, my favorite non-coding hobby is origami.


Hello, my name is Samuel. I am from Uganda. I love to code and have a 4 year's experience. I major in Python, PHP, C# and Java. I want to keep learning because this is a very interesting field. Hope to share our thoughts together as a developer community.


Hi, I'm Chris.
I used to be a software engineer but moved to technical support a few years ago.
I miss programming so I'm here to make sure I don't stay too far behind for when I'll be back in the field.


Hey there. I'm Prashant from India. I am a self taught developer and currently learning some Advance JS and working on some personal projects. Apart from coding i sometimes to UI / UX Design, I am not good at but learning slowly.


Hi! My name is Jorge. I'm from Mazatlán, México.

My favorite non-coding hobby: painting


Hello everyone, I'm Petr, currently with Red Hat here in Brno, Czech Republic. I am lurking on dev.to Twitter for a while already and decided I might as well join. I tend to work on the blurry line between development and quality engineering, currently more on the development side, taking care of CI/CD for OpenShift. When not coding, I play football (the one involving feet and ball) and I recently returned to playing Magic the Gathering.


Hey! My name is Daniel, and I'm from Kingston, Ontario. About to start my 2nd year in my 3 year computer programming program at SLC and I can't wait! I love to code and learn; currently learning Vue. I'm not a pro by any means, but have a basic understanding of how to build a simple express server with Node :) My current stack is Vue on the frontend and Node on the back. And yeah, just wanted to say hi! :)


Hello There! :) I'm Germán, and I'm a PHP Developer from Chile.

Also I'm amazed with how many great things I've found lurking around the many topics people talk about here. I've learned so much, and I'll do my best to try to keep up :)

I hope I can find something to contribute with on this amazing community soon :)


Hello, my name is Niket. I am from India and I'm interest lies in the Embedded Systems domain and planning my masters in the same.
Interested in learning more about Android, QT and the like on the software side of thing.
My hobbies including gaming and reading.
Glad to be here :)


Hi, my name is Mahmoud. I'm a college student and I work as a freelance front-end developer from time to time. My focus is on React and JavaScript. My favorite non-coding hobby is reading articles (most of them are tech-related though :P ) and I also enjoy movies.


Hi all lovely people, my name is Tan, hailing from the land down under (Australia). I am a software developer who passionate about code, human and anywhere in between. I am currently helping to build Machine Learning product. My favorite hobby is travel, comics and tinkering with keyboards. Nice to see you all.


Hello,I am shaan.I am a student and currently studying in b.tech final year in computer science stream.I am good in coding, currently I have good command on android,java,html,css and databases.currently I am working on two projects.I am here to learn more about languages and their scope.I hope I've come to the right place.


Hola, my name is Thabiso, I live Johannesburg, South Africa. I work for McKinsey & Company as an HR consultant. But I am also a self-taught web developer, and my aspiration is to become a full-stack developer focusing on HR systems, using ReactJS and its ecosystem as my primary JavaScript Library. What brought me to dev.to is because I really love your articles.

Currently I am attempting to develop an on-boarding recruiting system, applying design systems methodologies.

And that's all.


Hi Everyone,
My name is Sobhit. I am software developer with graduation in mechanical engineering. I really enjoy coding and learning about new technologies.
Recently i started to play chess and really like it. I really like playing chess in my free time.


Hi, My name is Akash. I'm from India. I work for Symantec. I usually write code to make my life tad bit easier. Also because I want to get money and stay alive :p
My non-coding hobby is sketching and trekking in the Himalayas!


Hey Guys, my name's Ricky - I'm a Kiwi (from New Zealand) but I've been living in Colombia for 9 years now.
I'm not actually a developer (I wish!), but I am a passionate online English Coach, and I specialise in helping IT professionals achieve their goals through English.
Like you guys, I'm a lifelong learner.
Due to my niche being Software Engineers, I like to keep up with what's going on in the industry, so I can better understand, help, and have conversations with, my students.
Apart from Tech, I'm passionate about Colombia - her people, culture, language, food, music etc.
Being from New Zealand, I'm fanatical about Rugby, mother nature and the great outdoors.
It's a pleasure to be here, and I look forward to learning and sharing.


Awesome. This place needs a bit more variety; I was starting to have trouble keeping track of which intro I've read and which one I haven't. 😁


Hey all. My name is Andrew and I'm a programmer from Wisconsin. I generally like working on web programming, but my job has me all over the place, from Windows Forms to ASP.NET MVC to Webforms to SQL to whatever else needs to get done. I'm a relative newbie with only two years of full-time experience. I enjoy starting side projects and never finishing them :)

I coach middle school football and mentor a high school robotics team. I think those two hobbies can count as my favorite. I also enjoy disc golfing when I can, which isn't often.


Hi, I am Akash. I am from India. I work for Symantec Corp. I code to make my life a tad bit easier and also because I want to earn money and stay alive :P
My favourite non-coding hobbies are sketching and trekking in the himalayas!


Hi there everyone! Humberto here from Mexico. I have about 8 years experience in the IT industry and have been in many companies of different fields. Currently I work at a financial global service provider and looking to develop a remote working career that will allow me to fullfill my other passions which are my family and woodworking. I have worked with several tools and technologies like .NET ASP MVC, Windows Forms, WCF AngularJs, KnockoutJs and more recently Xamarin for mobile.
May everyone have a nice day and enjoy!


Hi all! Peter, in La Jolla San Diego, CA, USA with a 4yr college BA - but not in computer science unfortunately! I surfed in here because my Google feed had George Marr's post about choosing a Linux distro, so I signed up in GitHub in order to comment. Please peek at my profile as I fully filled it out. I love Linux, BSD, and am looking for a career change as of July 2017 into either; I've dabbled in Ubuntu, Mint, CentOS, MySQL, vCenter/vSphere, virtualization, and Amazon Web Services AWS. Cheers to making new Friends here!


Welcome Peter! I did peek at your profile. It looks great. I'm a huge fan of Linux myself. Having no CS degree is not hurdle. I'm a living proof. Good luck in your search and great to have you.


Hi there, I am Michael. I am from the Philippines. I am a travel agent for more than 10 years but my passion was always in coding. Last year, I have started to run after the dream of becoming a React Developer. I am creating projects in MERN stack as of the moment and cant wait to blog about the whole experience of learning, sharing, and struggling to become a successful web developer.


Hello, guys, girls and unicorns!

My name is Andrei and I am from Brașov, Romania.
I am a passionate back-end developer, dabbling mostly in Java, Kotlin and C#, with my main area of interest being Security and Cryptography.

When I'm not coding, I enjoy drinking coffee, reading a good fiction book or spewing random nonsense.

I hope I'll bring some additions to this (what seems thus far) great community, and I'm looking forward to meeting all you amazing people out there!


Hello, my name is Doug and I am from The United States. I am currently in school for Software Development and I am hoping to get my feet wet in full stack web development. I have been tinkering with computers and electronics in general since 1993, my first computer was a Packard Bell C110 with a 120MHz Pentium! I am hoping to network with like minded people and look forward to partaking in an awesome community.


Hello world! I'm James and am from Australia.

Found dev.to from following various people on twitter and have read a number of interesting posts. I thought it was time that I created an account and can hopefully pass on some interesting or useful information to others.

My first lines of code was some HTML when I was ten. Eight years later, I was graduating university and got a job as a website developer. Now another seven years on, I am the Lead .Net Developer at that same place.

I don't really have any non-coding hobbies but one random non-coding thing I have started doing recently is learning French (70 days in with Duolingo).



I'm Marcus from Germany. I'm 36 years old and I'm planning to do an occupational retraining to a software developer asap because I love coding.
Until I find an appropriate company for this I'm learning coding myself.
While researching I found the tips for beginners from Ali Spittel and I'm curious what kind of help I can get here to achieve the goal to get a good software developer. :-)
Have a nice day everyone!


Hello everyone - what a lovely, friendly community this is! My name is Martin. I’m a software developer from Manchester, UK. I have a love of developing hybrid apps using Ionic and I’ve recently started to dabble with StencilJS. I’ve been a developer for about 13 years or so, starting out with PHP (which I still enjoy), and more recently in the last 6 years or so working with JS frameworks


Hello world! I am a self-taught full-stack web-developer currently located in Portland oregon. I'm 20, dropped out of high school three years ago and somehow managed to find myself a job in tech! Also professionally mix, and produce/compose music for local artists. Excited to be part of the community:)


Hi All, my name is Emilio and although I did some coding during college I’ve never done it professionally and I’ve lost a lot of practice :/, so looking to get back to it and learn from this community. Currently going over trainings on Swift and AWS.
Non-coding hobbies: Gym & traveling.


Hi, my name is Jordyn. I've been a UI designer and developer since 1998 when the rock band I played bass in decided it needed a website. I'm currently working on a end-to-end encrypted, peer-to-peer, progressive web app called TallyLab that makes it easy to capture data on anything and visualize/analyze it.


Hi everyone! I'm Copelia from Mexico City. I'm here because I was reading a post about the filter method. I'm currently learning Javascript. I really like the challenging feeling that learning to program can bring, sometimes it could be so frustrating but from one moment to the next (when your code runs) you could be the most happiest person in the world.
My favorite non-coding hobby is riding my road bike on weekends and eating desserts hehehe. Also I'm an urban cyclist (:


Hello, my name is Angelos. I live in Thessaloniki, Greece. I am currently working for a private retailer. I have recently started learning Python on Codecademy. I am here to learn and get better. I am interested in software development. My goal is to create an application for education purposes. Happy to be part of the community!


Hello, my name is Dean. I have lived in a Microsoft world for over 20 years, C# and PowerShell. I want to move to opensource, maybe JavaScript, maybe Go, I am not sure. I have also gotten into embedded stuff for music related stuff like effects and synths.


Hi there, I'm a really bad Web Engineer Student and I mostly code in both front & back in JavaScript for 2 years now because I'm hating this language so much. I'm certainly not doing it for fun, and I'm mostly interested about the money it provides. 😹

My non-coding hobby consist of trying of get back to sleep and not getting too late to go to work after the snooze and riding my motorcycle. I breath stronger when I see funny memes and I also like to sleep.



Hi, I'm Giacomo, I'm a programmer from Italy.

In 20 years I've done a lot of programming in several fields, but currently I hack financial applications by day and operating systems and networking protocols by night.

At times I also debunk IT bullshit on Medium.


Hi, I'm Karthik from India, last four years working in web development, now learning Angular 6 and node js, "I know I'm not a dedicated coder, but I'm an average performer". Just doing the job to earn money, that's all.


Hello Dev World 🌎!

My name is Mahdi and I'm a web dev educator working for a non-profit in New York called All Star Code. I've been building the technical curriculum for a little over 2 years now and loving it.

I'm always striving to learn more and am currently pursuing the android nanodegree at Udacity (big thanks to the Grow with Google initiative for the opportunity!)

I love discovering new things in web dev, software development, or mobile 📱.

Hmm, favorite non-coding hobby...I enjoy working with my hands, so I'm usually building stuff around the house 🏡 or office 🏢 (furniture, toys, puzzles). I also make a pretty good three bean chili (if I do say so myself!)

I've been reading dev.to articles for a while now and finally decided to join. Thanks for providing a platform for great content👏!


Edit: forgot to put my 2+ emoji per document self-imposed requirement now that I've discovered `Windows + ;` opens the emoji keyboard 😎


Hi everyone! My name is Dmitry, I'm from Russia. I'm an automation engineer at the metallurgical plant. But last half-year I'm learning web development. I want to change my work place, because I like to code very much, it's very exciting for me. I've learned basics of HTML and CSS and also JavaScript. Now I'm trying to learn React and also, during this time, I'm reading You Don't Know JS books to fully understand, how JavaScript works. Some parts of this books I translate into russian for myself in My Medium stories with code examples from gists. I hope, that it helps me to land my first job, as a web developer.My non-coding hobbies is soccer, music and also I enjoy to travelling new spaces.


Welcome Dmitry, HTML/CSS/JavaScript has become the most wanted stack in web development.

Consider making couple of small projects so you can practice what you have learned so far.

I wish you all the best of luck.


Buenas, всем привет, hello! I'm Juan Ignacio from Argentina but curretly living in Moscow. I've been programming since im 8 and right now im developing Ionic Apps.
Always looking for new ways to improve my skylls and meet new friends. Besides coding (as a job and a hobby) i'm a big Capoeira geek.
That's all folks


Hi, I'm Diar from Kosovo I'm working as Software Developer currently as an RPA Developer in a German Company, I am constantly learning about coding and trying to start contributing in open source projects but I didn't find one yet.
Also, I like to read books that are helpful in the development field, so if anyone has a good book please suggest it to me.

I found out about DEV.to in GitHub explore section the title was DEV.to is now open source.

My hobby is Hiking, mountain biking, walking, skiing.


Hello, I'm Alexa (tho' you can call me Pandita!), I'm a Venezuelan Computer Engineer that is a full time C# developer! throws confetti

As for non coding hobbies, I like to draw! I still have a ton to learn but, it's very relaxing for me and helps me de-stress a lot.

So... Hi!! :3



My name is Dominik and I am a lecturer in web development with JavaScript (ES6, React, Node, Mongo), who tries to give people new career opportunities and a quick start as a developer.

After more than 15 years of being an active web developer with PHP, MySQL, Vue.js and many other technologies, I now pass my knowledge on to motivated students.

Since my heart is still beating for programming, I have decided to work with Python and Data Science in the near future, because today's possibilities allow many creative project ideas.

When I'm not sitting at the computer (which actually happens), I ride my bike into nature, read a good book or play a game of billiards.

As you can imagine from my job I am happy to share my knowledge and at the same time I am grateful for all the valuable content on dev.to, because we all never stop learning.


Hi! I am Parichay. I am an electronics engineer by degree and a software developer by choice. I love to play with devices or hack on the network. I have been working on android and web apps lately. I am also an active researcher on Bitcoin and alt coins. I am more like "bitcoin, not blockchain" kinda guy! I am here to post about my favourite encounters doing exciting and fun hacks with my computer! Love this place :)


Hello All,

This is Anil. I am Software Engineer who mostly works on Java and Spring framework. I also work on the front end stuff in JavaScript, mostly reactJS. I found dev.to in twitter and it's an awesome community. Hope I'll learn more things from the community here and contribute at times. Thanks :)


Hi all! My name is Lawrence Gimenez and I am a senior mobile developer of a startup in USA. I love mobile development. I have over 8 years of mobile dev experience. I love making my hands dirty coding. I'm going to dig around for some nice read. Thanks!


Hello everyone! My name is Claudia and I am located in Virginia, USA, but originally from Peru. I am currently studying Information Systems Technology and I am also enroll at Woz U to become a software developer. I've learned so far HTML, Java, C++. I am currently learning Angular CLI. I also learned ReactJS but just the basic, I will be enrolling in Udemy to learn more about ReactJS. When I am not studying (which is a lot of studying), I am spending time with my kids who are 9 year-old boy and a future engineer, a 3 year-old girl who I'm still trying to figure out what she wants to do lol. I also enjoy travelling and painting. I hope to learn more from others.


Hello I'm Fareedah from Nigeria and I'm a newbie in the world of programming. I am currently learning Python. A friend shared an article and that's how I got here. My favorite non-coding hobbies are cooking, traveling and reading. I look forward to learn and share knowledge. Thanks


Hello, my name is Mark and I'm a Technical Director working in London. I've been a web developer for 20 years now (eek!) with a focus on JavaScript, frontend tech and app performance. I think I heard about dev.to via Hacker News and I'm pleased to be involved in the community.


Hello everyone!
I am Matteo Moltrasio from Italy! I-m a beginner developer, infact I'm studying javascript right now. I studied html and css previously, but I have a lot to learn.
My favourite non-coding hobby is pherhaps play the piano.
Aaand that's it. Thank you very much!


Hello, I'm Gun-gu. I'm from S.Korea. I'm an application programmer.
My daily work almost response company user's issues. -- Yeah, almost bugs. :(

I want to be a better programmer.
So I came here.

My hobby playing video game and bicycle riding.

Have a wonderful days.


Hello I'm Anthony I'm new to Coding want to become a Web Developer currently enrolled at my local College majoring in New Media Technology. I'm currently working as a nursing assistant in the New York metro area really looking to change my life and my career through code.


Hello. My name is Shaibu from Nigeria. I love to code. Python enthusiast, fluent in C# too, I love Xamarin, I love Android and I'd love to meet other developers that'll help develop the next big thing. If you have the same interest, please be my friend 😁


Hi, i'm Bio. From Nigeria. I'm a civil engineer with certifications in Robotics and web development. Currently working on starting an organisation to add coding to the teaching curriculum here in Nigeria. And i'm sure this will be a platform to learn more


Hey guys,
Im Rwithik. I'm 18 and I love to code. I'm not that great at it, but I'm learning.


Hey Rwithik, you've come to the right place to learn!


Hello. My name is Ian. I am from the suburbs of Philadelphia, USA. I am currently in the Audio/Visual industry in video conferencing, but I am also a CS undergrad, and study Java and Android Studio in my free time. I would love to connect!


Hi, my name is Andrew and I'm from the UK.
Been a dev/solution architect for all my career (about 30 years) and so have dabbled in various languages over my time.

My day job doesn't give me much opportunity to code these days but I still keep my hand in on side projects. Mostly Android stuff for the last 8 years and a few productivity focused tools on the Play Store - apps.codechimp.org if you're interested.

A recent Mac convert and I'm starting to learning Swift for some MacOS desktop apps.


Hello my name is werner, i live in germany. I'm embedded system developer and always look for new nice stuff.
My actual favourite is ruby, among others.

... have a nice day


Oh well, someone just said Dev.to open source and am here. The thing about coding is... it makes one a better thinker, which I suppose we all do for a living. So aim is good living I guess. Coding is philosophical in many ways, we get to see each other’s thinking processes and solutions. Which all adds up. So again... hence am here. Cogito Ergo-checksum.


Hi, this is Federico from Argentina. I am learning Python mostly because of my interest in data/ML projects but also interested in other languages like C#, Go and Elixir. I have majored in electronics having worked for several telecom and IT companies so far. Glad to be here ad eager to learn as much as I can from all of you. Thanks.


So! Apparently Dev.To is a thing... is it like Stack Overflow, or more like Reddit? Anyway, my name is Carlos, I'm a CS graduate currently working as a web dev. I've also dabbled a bit on embedded systems and I'm also very interested in computer security and free/open-source software in general.


Hello 👋🏽
My name is Rob and I'm from Fresno, California. I'm a Front End Developer for a company called Aplos. Really diving deep into the React ecosystem and working on my JS skills every day. Fun fact, I used to be a teacher but taught myself to code during my last year teaching, made the switch and never looked back. Thanks!


I’m Noah Trupin, a young (teenage!) full-stack developer working primarily in JavaScript and Python. As of September I will have been in the game for five years.
I have learned a ton from opensource, and decided to give back through my project notmarkdown, a collection of markup libraries that encourages veterans to show their skills and beginners to create their own. notmarkdown


Hello everyone, I am Oscar, student of Informatics Engineering in Venezuela, Passionate about the Front-end development, eager to have knowledge of the Back-end, Angular fan and willing to enter the world to contribute in Open Source Projects


Max Cannon === coding since 1994, non-arrogant, sexy/smart man, fab sense of humor, loyal friend, proud President Trump Loyalist, Fox News Enthusiast, lover of the current economy and state of Veu.js ecosystem, ignorer of illogical & emotionally argumentative people...Love to support and befriend other developers of all bends (even liberal, delusional Trump haterz)...So...who wants to be my new best friend?...Anyone?...crickets...umm...anyone at all?...crickets...Max slowly backs up towards the door, reaching with trepidation for the doorknob as dramatic cinema music begins to crescendo in the background...


LAMP & JavaScript (VUE.js ecosystem or VENOM stack) Web Developer, Software Engineer, Linux SysAdmin & Marketing Expert:

Orlando, FL


I also secretly think Sir Mixalot is a poet with his slick wit and phraseology in his tune "Baby's Got Back"...There...I fell better for having unburdened myself...


Hi! I am Abhishek, a 2nd Year student of Electronics Engineering. I am interested in learning Machine Learning and Artificial Inteliigence. I have just begin in this side of things, so wish me luck!

Thank You!


Hi everyone,
My name is Laurentiu, I'm from Romania and I'm a software developer. I code on Rails & Phoenix frameworks for about 4 years and some C# in Unity game engine. I'm a information junky and came here from a post on twitter. As hobbies/likes I like philosophy & games and love nature.


Hi All.

Myself Ram. Tesr Automation engineer by profession. Love 2 things the most coffee and code.

I kind of like Microsoft products as much as I like Google and open source products.

I'm in love with python now(my exs are c# and VB script).

My technology hobbies are search and try for new automation frameworks, Linux distros and go to the deep thought to find "Is coding an art or science?"


Hello, my name is Zakiy, currently I'm living in Jakarta, actually I'm a bachelor of telecommunication engineering, but I first learn to code when I was doing my final project, learn basic C++ and Microcontroller, and fortunately, right now I'm still learning to code and working as programmer, focus on front-end dev with tech stacks like reactJS and etc. I hope I can contribute to this community.

btw, I'm just releasing my first open source project called xNotes, you can check in here producthunt.com/posts/xnotes



Hi! I am a French student currently undergoing an Engineering degree but will change schools and paths slightly - I have a deep passion for all things computer and especially love programming, which I am lead to believe this is the perfect place to find like-minded individuals!

I do a lot of Python and JavaScript, but also know a bit of C/C++ as I have once been part of a real-time graphics engine for a community project (if anybody has heard of an Orbiter Spaceflight Simulator and its D3D9 client... I'd be surprised!).

As for my favorite non-coding hobby, that has to be split between music and astronomy, although I do more of the former than the latter. Electronic music, of course, otherwise there wouldn't be enough programming in it :>



My name is June. I'm from China.
I'm a Front-end developer, I had done this for about 7 years. But I'm not a good coder, I good at projects communication and management, and I didn't code for several years. Recent years I take in charge the job of projects management and business requirements communication.
But I will move to Canada next month, I wish I can find a job of Front-end engineer in Canada. So I'm practicing Algorithm and studying Basic knowledge, at the same time, studying English. Although I grew slowly, I am eager to do programming work.
Hopefully, I can improve myself in several months, look forward to learning from others and giving back too.


Hi, folks,

My name is Denis and I'm Software Engineer, I work with React Native, Apollo Stack (GraphQL, React) as Front-end and Back-end developer. Glad to find this community and maybe my experience will be helpful. I have been worked with React Native since RN public release in 2015.



Hi guys!

My name is Adin. I'm from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I'm a software engineer with bachelor degree in Software development and computer science. I'm a full stack developer currently working with .NET for backend(Web API) and Angular 5 for frontend :) Outside of coding, I like to read, listen to music, and watching TV Shows. All the best, and thank you for your time :)


Hello👋I am Jess from Hong Kong🇭🇰. I am a web developer, working on nodejs, graphql, express and react lately. dev.to open source repository brought me here. I am learning how to build developer community. :)


Hello I'm Anthony I'm new to Coding want to become a Web Developer currently enrolled at my local Community College majoring in Internet & Information Technology. I'm currently working as a nursing assistant at a hospital in the New York metro area really looking to change my life and my career through code.


Hello, my name is Steve and I am a web/native developer. I am the tech lead at a small to medium sized dev shop. I first heard about dev.to from twitter and have finally joined up. I figure I'll mirror my blog posts to here because I love the whole concept and think this site is such a cool thing.

Glad to be here and excited to contribute and learn from others.


My name is Michael. I am looking to hire a coder. I am learning three.js.
I am trying to help new bands and artists. My website ( in progress) is artop40.com. I am a retired musician and would like to help others.


Hi all! Just found out about dev.to last night when browsing about ReactJS and I'm looking forward to being a part of the community. I've been a software engineer for 5 years mostly working on Java/Spring, but recently getting more into frontend dev with Angular and React. Although I currently don't have as much frontend experience as I do backend experience, I can dare to say that I like the frontend better. Will document the journey here :) Cheers!


Hi everyone. I'm James, a data analyst who loves to code and learn everything I can about machine learning techniques. I've been coding in Python (specifically for data analysis) for about four years now, but I still learn new things daily. I recently started learning the Flask framework and love dabbling in web development.


Hi! I am Nitzan from Israel. I'm an entrepreneur and engineer, and today I'm co-founder and the CEO of Epsagon. We're building a distributed tracing platform for serverless applications.

I still code (mostly AWS Lambda stuff :)) and happy to be part of this community!


Hi there, My name is Mike! I'm from Ukraine, I study 3rd year of SE and I like to build new things. Working as Android dev I have some side projects with Kotlin, Angular, AR. I read dev.to from time to time, Recently I wanted to write couple articles. Would anybody be interested?;)


Hi, I'm Martin. I like to write code and sometimes blog about my experiences about launching a kanji mnemonic site, a remote job openings website or even a failed Instagram post notifications site.

I still lack the skills to make a site profitable, but I'm actively trying to learn and share most of my revelations along the ride. I share them on my personal blog schleiss.io.


Hey there all! My name is Schalk, I am a front end dev from South Africa. I run a small agency called Mechanical Ink, but currently I only have one client which is Mozilla ;) Found out about the community via The Changelog podcast, decided to join and join in the fun and learning. Looking forward to learn and contribute. \m/


Hello Everyone,
My name is Burhanuddin Rashid from India.
I am working on Android from past 3 years. Like to solve a real-life problem using technology, open source enthusiast and currently working on Kotlin and Flutter.


Welcome welcome welcome!

If you're not sure what your first post should be, this trend has been a lot of fun:

Basically folks are doing postmortems on projects they started and never finished. Something we can all relate to.


Hello Everyone,
I am Saket and I am a Software Engineer with over 8 years experience.I am a TDD fan and have worked on several Java and Javascript frameworks.


Hello world!
My name is Tomas and I am a Graduate Software Engineer in UK, currently looking for employment.
I stumbled upon this in Github/Explore page, and the honest first page introduction bought me. Honestly, I need some improvement in my coding overall, and so hope here I will find interesting information.
As a hobby, I love gaming and also cooking delicious food!
Nice to meet you all.


Hello, dev community I am Stephan a CS student studying web dev on my free time in preparation for hackathons and job opportunities. I was reading a MEdium article when the author recommended that I use this site instead of Medium. My favorite non-coding hobby is to learn other languages. I'm a nerd for linguistics and culture.


Greetings! I'm listening to the recent Changelog episode feat. Ben Halpern, and have come to see what dev.to is all about.
I'm in my first year as a developer, working with:

  • Swift + Vapor
  • Docker + Kubernetes
  • Java + Spring Boot
  • PostgreSQL

Looking forward to learning from and interacting with this excellent community :)


'Allo, I've been programming for quite a long time - though became a sysadmin for the best part of 15 years. Now back to software dev full time though. Mostly PHP just now with a dollop of javascript via vuejs. Also looking to roll out more as docker/kubernetes based systems. Came here after hearing the recent Changelog Podcast about open sourcing the sites codebase.

Favourite non-coding hobby is probably photography - especially messing about with old film cameras :-)


Hello, this is Puncoz Nepal, all the way from Nepal. I'm an engineering graduated, specialized in Electronics and Communication Engineering, but I am passionate about coding :) I have been developing the web-based application for last 5 years and experienced in PHP. I am also working with FrontEnd Stack like ReactJs and VueJS with knowledge of HTML and CSS. These days I am exploring Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning. I love learning cutting-edge technologies.


Hi, I am Alisha Virani from India. I have been into software development since a year and I am loving it. I have been learning and working on NodeJS, Golang and currently I am learning ReactJS. I am aspiring to be a Full Stack Developer over time :)


Hello All, Prasad here. I handle developer evangelism at Plivo. A Developer turned entrepreneur and was a founder of QuodeIt which helps companies screen technical talent with coding tests. Favorite non-coding hobby is playing badminton.


Hello, this is Majid Eltayeb, I am a Frontend engineer based in Cairo, Egypt.

I've started my career as a Frontend Engineer from 2016 since then I write code almost on a daily basis. I love coding, I'm currently working with a company where we build web apps.I'm currently focusing on React, I'm still working my way to fully understand how React works, I could help in any side project with JS or React. :)


My name is Jacob Birkett. In a self-taught and motivated programmer with lots of experience with Python. I'm currently learning D, like a superior C++. It's hard for me to gauge how competent I am because I don't have anyone with moderate skills for comparison. I'm still a teenager but I like adults more than my peers. I've tried to take computer science classes but they all seem like jokes. I've added my GitHub profile so some of my better public projects are visible. I don't like web development so my website is in a state if despair right now. I keep promising myself that I'll do it after my current project, but between you and me, we both know that's a lie. I'm trying to save money for a new laptop so I can work on more computationally expensive software on-the-go. I want to work on a game engine next, not because we need another engine, but because I think it would be fun to make and interesting to fight the garbage collector.


Hello! myself Himanshu Gupta. I am from India. I'm a student of computer science and I am interested in Web development.


Hi , I am Ravi, I pretend to be a techie who like to learn and explore new things. After did some mobile apps for enterprises, I am now developing web apps in angular for financial sector. Music is my favorite pastime other than coding.


Hey everyone! I'm Ian, an aspiring software engineer living in New York City. I've been on my coding journey for the past 2 years, learning from a variety of sources -- some organized, such as night classes in Full Stack JavaScript, and others more along the self-taught trajectory. After experimenting in different directions, I've found that I'm most fascinated in back end development and cloud computing. I'm far more interested in how things work, rather than how they look.

Somehow Dev.to has escaped me until now, but I'm thrilled to have found it. On top of my previous experience (JavaScript, Python, and some C++) I've started diving into Go, and am enjoying it so far.

My favorite non-coding hobby is probably playing guitar, but sim-racing games are a close second.

Thanks for reading, and I am very much looking forward to being a part of the community.


Hello my name is Imhotep I'm the CEO of hempcoinrx.com My favorite non-coding Hobby is probably acupuncture I'm a doctor acupuncture and Oriental medicine with 38 years experience doing Tai Chi or sparring in MMA reading The Art of War high on the list to because business is almost can be love making or War generally I think via the thing that is closest to when I'm doing business is really kind of a combination of both but that helps me to get myself in the right space to deal with people cuz people are very deceptive and they always have a face so that the real heart of business is like The Art of War getting behind the face that people show you and I said well they really are behind the face I'd have to say Dallas yoga and medical Qigong and Tai Chi are probably three of my most favorite things outside of MMA sparring with my son and making him learn game and doing game development developing a game teaches you a lot of attention to detail and it's also a creative imaginative process.


Hi. I’m Juan from spain, 30+ years in network engineering, and doing DevOps since 2015, now as freelancer. I do some code occassionally, and increasing. I saw so many good advices and comments here that decided to join, and hope will be able to contribute to the community. Thanks!


my name is Vinst and I'm a novice front-end developer.I keep learning every day,but I want communicate about code with other people.Unexpectedly,I found here today,so, hello everyone,hello world!



My name is Michael. I’ve been a software developer for 20 years and have recently started working in the applied machine learning space. I love to snow board but live in Florida. I’ve been married for 22 years have two grown daughters and a grandson.


Hi I am Jeewendra in short jeewe. I am A front end developer. I have over 8 years of experience on different technology. I like spending time trying different framework, build some POC out of it. I have worked on angular, react, vue, php, python, ruby. I am here to explore and keep myself up to date and try to provide/take some honest feedback.



I'm a front end developer from Toronto, ON.


Wow, I will move to Toronto next month and want to meet new friends in Toronto if you do not mind.


Hi everyone, my name's Tristan and I'm a front-end developer / designer based in Toronto! I'm currently working with HTML, CSS, JS, and Liquid for Shopify e-commerce stores and am passionate about music and am going to get into audio/visual libraries like Howler.js, p5js and three.js.



Greetings! I'm an electrical engineering (DSP) expat. Immigrated to programming professionally 3 years ago and haven't looked back.


Hi, I am Anandhu. I Love programming and I consider it a hobby. Being a beginner I have a long journey ahead and I just love it. I'm a big fan of open-source philosophy and That brought me here at dev.to. I'm excited to dive deep into dev.to and so far I'm thrilled. That's it, #CodeAsHobby


Hi, I'm William and I mostly code in Python or HTML & CSS. I have 3 years of experience, and I can't wait to contribute to dev.to!


Hello, I am rails developer who try to find himself in React world. I think I can use some help, that is way I am here.
Privately big fan of (not Marvel :P)sci-fi, books and vegetarian which try to be a vegan.


Hi, my name is Eddy. I live in The Netherlands and I'm still in school and have been doing programming related things for about two years now. After half a year I decided web development was going to be my focus point. I have about a year of professional front-end development experience (internship + being hired after the internship) and I cannot stop learning.


Hi, my name is Gabriel and I'm from Germany.
I studied to be a teacher but never actually worked as one. Now I'm coding for about 10 years fulltime and since more than 20 years as a hobby. Currently mostly in Golang.
Recently I heard about dev.to on the changelog podcast and thought I'd come by say hello.
If I'm not coding my girlfriend keeps me busy with all kinds of activities from gardening to visiting the world. :)


Hello tout le monde, je suis Bertrand 43 ans, codeur passionné et directeur technique d'une startup dans les domaines de " blockchain-dlt ; P2P ; Edge computing". Nombreuses prototypes et logiciels complets réalisés.


Hi, this is Ajith. I am current working out of Banglore, India on javascript based stacks. Looking forward to seeing what this community has to offer and what I can offer.


Hi, my name is Erik and I am from Stockholm, Sweden.

I am a software engineer and I have been programming since early 80s, although not as regularly as I would like sometimes - work activities tend to cover other aspects of software development than pure programming.
I have spent most of my professional career as a consultant and many years in the system integration space, although in the past few years I have switched to to cloud solution development.

Although I remember seeing something about dev.to a long time ago, I have not visited it until I listened to the Indie Hackers podcast episode about the community recently and I look forward to explore this further!