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Shawn (He/Him)
Shawn (He/Him)

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Jest, Sonar, and Monorepos

The jest-sonar-reporter plugin recommended by Sonarqube in their docs for test execution analysis is 4 years out of date and deprecated.

Yet it has been downloaded 287862 times this week (as of 2021/12/10) from

I need this plugin for work I'm doing on a 55+ app monorepo all with their own jest.config.js file as well as making sure the CI/CD can find the execution analysis references.

So I updated it.


  • Added flag for relative paths to be used in generated xml file path for CI/CD
  • Migrated to Typescript
  • Can now be registered as a reporter in jest.config.js
  • Can now be used in package.json with more variables

You can find the update here:

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Benjamin Houdu

Why imposing node 16?