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Github Actions for React-Native App

My Workflow

Building cross platform application with react native consumes time for android and iOS, both. Github actions allows to reduce it by writing or using existing workflows even for web. I have implemented for my react-native app to build android app. (find link below).

Submission Category: Phone Friendly

Yaml File or Link to Code

GitHub logo TheRakeshPurohit / VaccinfoApp

React Native App for Android and iOS to get Vaccine Availability Details by Pincode and notification


React Native App for android and iOS to get Vaccine Appointment Availability Details by pincode and notification

Intall APK

Download APK

It will work for india only


Takes current date by default.


  • buildToolsVersion = "29.0.3"
  • minSdkVersion = 21
  • compileSdkVersion = 29
  • targetSdkVersion = 29
  • ndkVersion = "20.1.5948944"

Tested on

Android 8 and 9

API for validating Pin Code


API for getting slots


Libraries used

  • Fetch for API Call
  • React (17.0.1) & React Native (0.64.0)

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