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Dan Vega
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Spring Boot in Visual Studio Code

I use Visual Studio Code for everything these days. In the past couple of months alone I have used it for HMTL, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Spring, C#, Go, Vue, Angular, and TypeScript.

A few folks were surprised when I told them that I was doing Java + Spring Boot development in VS Code so I thought I would put a video together to show it off.

In this video, I will create a new Spring Boot Project in Visual Studio Code. Then we will add a REST API controller that our front end project can talk to. Finally, we will create a simple Vue project that talks to our Spring Boot backend.

Here is the video along with the extensions you should install.


Anyone else using Visual Studio Code for Spring Development? Are you facing any issues, got any tips?

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I use VSCode for Boot development on Windows. Biggest issues are the not-up-to-par Kotlin support (we are experimenting with it as a next-step-Java and for Android programming) that forces me to use JIdea, and sometimes the less-than-functional shell integration.

Gradle integration got better lately, so some problems went away. And the overall lightness of the tool wins, at the end.

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Anand Kadhir

I am using VS code for Angular, Java, Oracle and Remote SSH development activities.

We can use this below extension for Oracle developments.
It is no way better than SQL Developer but I hope Oracle will be working on the improvement of this extension.

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Matt Brown

Been doing Spring Boot on a Raspberry Pi with a Linux flavored version of Studio Code called Code-OSS.

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Raghavan alias Saravanan Muthu

interesting to hear. Code-OSS is a separate flavor of VS Code?

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Matt Brown


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Yuri Mednikov

Switched from Idea to VSCode for Java development couple of months ago - and I don't regret.

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Esperanza Cutillas Rastoll

I tried to move from eclipse IDE to vscode but I had to use a tomcat to deploy a spring application and I was not able to do it on VSCode. I will try this on a personal project some day :)