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Hello, Philadelphia!

This was a huge week at Tech Elevator where we announced our 6th location would be opening up in Philadelphia. If you want to read more about why we are so excited about this opportunity I would encourage you to read this article by our CEO, Anthony Hughes. As exciting as expansion is, growth without a mission isn't sustainable.

You will find a lot of coding bootcamps boasting about their numbers without any verified data to back them up. Here at Tech Elevator, we submit all of our results to CIRR, The Council on Integrity in Results Reporting. CIRR is an independent, non-profit organization whose members believe that prospective students should know a school's outcomes before deciding whether to enroll.

CIRR posted our result this week and Tech Elevator is graduating 95% of students across all our campuses and of that 94% are getting placed within 180 days of graduating. The starting salary of students entering our program is $30,000 and the average starting salary when they leave is $58,000. This means that in just 14 weeks students are leaving with double their salary and a career that they are excited about.

This allows all of you to see what I already know, Tech Elevator is all about changing our student's lives. This makes me so happy because not only are we growing but we are doing it the right way and this is something I am incredibly proud of.

So enough bragging, what does this mean for you? First, we are hiring across many of our locations for multiple positions. If you enjoy mentoring and have a real passion for software development you might be a great fit as an instructor. If you would like to hear more about becoming an instructor or have any questions please feel free to contact me.

This also means that if you have any friends or family in the Philadelphia area that are interested in a career in software development you need to tell them about Tech Elevator. Our results speak for themselves, we give you everything you need to start a new career in software development. I truly believe in what we do here and again if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. As always friends...

Happy Coding
Dan Vega

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