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Speaking at a tech meetup

Three types of talks:

  • why talk: high level, keynote, get people understand they have a problem
  • how talk: breakout workshop level, how to make this particular change that I need to have happened
  • what now talk: keynotes. usually the first half of the talk is the the goal, the idea. then the second half of the talk is about what do we need to do (hint of the change, direction)

Universal framework / pattern of how human make meaning:

We all want [GOAL] but the problem is [PROBLEM]. In order to solve that problem we have to understand [IDEA]. Which means to achieve our goals, we have to [CHANGE]. How? [ACTIONS]

This is the template I would need to fill in by next Saturday.

People are always listening to / on the lookout for:

  • the goal: what will I get, what outcome
  • the problem: the thing that I have to get past in order to get that thing
  • idea: why haven't I figured that already, what is the thing I need to understand, before I can understand what new direction I need to go
  • change: what is the new direction that I need to go
  • action: how do I get there

I synthesised those frameworks and concepts from Tamsen Webster. She is the Executive Producer of TEDxCambridge and professional messaging consultant.

I discovered her when researching online for resources to improve my storytelling skill. I have been following her work for a while and highly recommend checking out all her work at

I listened to 5-6 interviews she has done on several podcasts and have always managed to step away with actionable takeaways and useful frameworks to think about speaking.

Looking forward to applying the information after a year of "knowing". Let's do.

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Jess Lee

What talks are you preparing??

theresiatanzil profile image
Theresia Tanzil


About creating a web crawler. A.k.a. transforming unstructured web data into structured data.

The audience is going to be a local Python user group :)

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Jess Lee

Cool, good luck!