Do you use GUI for git on Linux? Which one?

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Hello everyone!

I want to ask you which GUI you are using on your machine with Linux or do you use CLI?

I'm asking because i'm not sure which one to choose. I have been using Git Extensions on Windows and i fell in love with it, because it's completely free and has awesome features and decent UI.

However support for Linux is quite poor and it's not working properly (or i just can't configure it properly)

So what are your favorites?

If anyone is running on Linux and has hard times finding a fitting git GUI, i can recommend gitahead, which is open sourced and has all things i needed:

  • Graphical git history
  • Simple straightforward UI
  • Playing nice with custom OS themes
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I am using Gitkraken on Linux because it is very reliable, very beautiful, and most of all, it works on Linux, MacOS and Windows.
Which is very useful when you have to deal with a lot of different machines.
And I'm sure that one day you will.

However, be sure to learn all the concepts around Git and be comfortable using the Git CLI before using any Git GUI software. It will save you and your team a lot of time in the future. 😉


Git kraken looks super cool, but I'm not sure about merge conflicts editor, is there a one in free pricing? That's why I'm not sure about this one, Git extensions had possibility to integrate kdiff3 into it, which saves a lot of time for me.

Thanks for tip!


Gitk, git gui. They are quite powerful if not user-friendly. Their are a lot of menu options but they just provide me a visual tree and commit control, branch management and pushing are cli tasks along with rebase.

Git extensions is nice but it's commit controls, like most gui are poor. Each change should be explicitly pulled in and out of a commit.

Kdiff3 is terrible, possibly worst merge tool I've seen. Suggesting Meld but I don't use it as I us Vim.


Hello Paul, i usually use the console and vscode, but i think that Git Kraken is a great option!


I use the built in git tooling and a few extensions for vs code.

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