Hi, I'm Claire Pollard, or Tufty to my friends.

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I have been coding for 17 years and professionally for a little over 6 years.

You can find me on Twitter as @thetuftii

I live in Cambridge, UK.

I work for ITI developing algorithms for our product CADfix. I also liase between the marketing team and development team to help provide a technical slant to our blogging/web content.

I mostly program in these languages: FORTRAN, C/C++ and a smattering of Python and TCL.

I am currently learning more about Wordpress for web development and website management. Learning CSS, HTML, JS, MySQL and PHP as a nice side effect of this.

Looking forward to learning more on DEV.to!

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Hey Claire, welcome to the site and thanks for sharing.

We don't have much content on Dev.to about FORTRAN, so please consider sharing an article :)

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