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Vinit Gupta
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Introducing Owen Sauce - a new way to collborate

Hackathons are an amazing way to build and learn new things.

MongoDB in collaboration with DevTo has come up with a new Hackathon.
I have decided to participate in this hackathon and build something that was on my mind.

What am I building?

Recently I participated in the Hacktoberfest. And well who doesn't know Hacktoberfest, right? ✅✅

Being a beginner, I have faced the issue of not being able to find beginner friendly repositories easily. Besides, I understand that maintainers also face the issue of having to guide a newbie in solving some complex issues and then not being able to get the result.

🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️No more. I will be building an open source software that deals with this issue.

Maintainers will specify the level of developers they are looking for along with some gist of their project.

And contributors will easily find the projects based on their preferences.😎😎

And once again, I here with an AWKWARD name -

Owen Sauce 🌭

Sounding familiar? Well, Open Source with a burger in your mouth, OWEN SAUCE

Tech Stack

Tech Used for
NextJS Components
MongoDB Database/Auth
Tailwind Styling
Javascript Language

A Glimpse

Open Source Contributions for Beginners

You can checkout my Github Owen Sauce repository for code updates!!

Happy Hacking.

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Sidharth Sreejil

Looks great man.
Question : How are you implementing Auth?

thevinitgupta profile image
Vinit Gupta

I haven't done yet
I will be surely adding a post when I do that