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See how I made a Pleasing Contact Form

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Hey Guys,
Its me again @theprodigyprogrammer .

I have made a Contact Form with a pleasing UI, i have made this for beginners to have more confidence in themselves in building better webpages and sites. Btw i have also used internal css for this project.

Please Note: This is completely made with Pure html and css.
No backend languages are involved for now.

Hope this helps!

My Sign Up/In Forms Special Features to NOTE are:

1.Pleasing UI

Now as a beginner web dev u wont first start focussing first on the looks you will be focussing on the skeleton right?
But learning UI/UX properties (understanding them will let u make those fancy websites) So thats what i have done here!

2.The 'Required' Attribute

I have added the required attribute to make it compulsory for the user to add his/her info.

3.A Thank You Page

I have also added a thank you page for the user to know that i=his contact form has been submitted.

If You want to check out this project,

Check it out on Github below!


Subscribe to my youtube channel,will start uploading in 2 days!

Pls Follow me, Share this if you think this is helpful for your dev friends and Gud Luck With your Dev Life!👌👌

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