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This.JavaScript: State of Frameworks-Ember Update

Hosted by This.JavaScript, an online event where developers learn about the latest news in JavaScript, State of Frameworks and Libraries covered all the breaking news in the world of frameworks.

On Feb. 19, State of Frameworks speakers, including many of the best and brightest from the development world, gave us updates on all things frameworks.

Here’s some of what Kenneth Larsen, a member of the Ember Learning Core Team, had to say about what’s coming up at Ember.

Kenneth Larsen — Ember Learning Team, Linkfire — @kennethlarsen

Community Updates

A recently released Ember JS documentary, made by Honeypot, takes a look at the history of Ember and delves into the community around it.

The Ember community also recently enjoyed EmberConf, where leaders and developers from around the world gathered to discuss all things Ember.

Ember 3.6 and Ember 3.7

Ember also recently released two new versions: Ember 3.6 and 3.7.

Updates for the native class constructor are now complete, with the new part having been shipped in 3.6. The behavior of native classes in Ember is now stable.

Ember doesn’t currently support or recommend the use of class fields or decorators, since they are still under the TC39 process.

3.6 also shipped the final stage of the router service RC. If you want to work more with the router in your application, 3.6 provides more APIs to make it easier.

Ember 3.7 focused on small changes, primarily bug fixes (including in Ember Data). 3.7 also dropped support for Node 4.

3.7 also saw a few changes to Ember CLI, including a compatibility section in the addon README. This addition to the generator documentation auto generates a section that communicates to users of your addon which Ember and Ember CLI are recommended to use it.

Ember 3.7 also removed the last usage of Babel 6.

Ember 3.8 was also recently released. Read more about it in the release post.

Ember Octane

Ember Octane is the first “edition” in the Ember community. An edition is a new type of release, a sort of coherence point. It’s not Ember 4, 5, or so on. Instead, it’s a point in time where a certain set of features are released, stable, and ready to use.

Some of the features in Ember Octane include Broccoli 2.0, “Glimmer Components,” native ES classes, and more.

The main focus of Ember Octane is on productivity and performance.

Keep in Touch

Keep in touch with the Ember community by following the Ember Times, a newsletter that discusses all things Ember.

The Ember Discord chat, meanwhile, is friendly to newcomers as well as experts.

Finally, developers regularly ask questions on the Ember forum at

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