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Build Mobile Apps With PHP and Have Some Kik in Life

Welcome all readers, Nowadays everybody uses a Smartphone. A Smartphone not only encompass the hardware, that makes it superb but also, the mobile apps to most of the user spends time with. Earlier these apps were made with android, or Swift. Any application build with either of the Framework, is known as native apps that intends to be operate on the particular platform either android, or iPhone. So if any user intended to launch any app on number of platform, He had to create app with different language for different platform. But, this problem was eradicated by the Hybrid apps, that targets number of platform and consumer simultaneously without adding overhead to developer community of learning multiple Language. Mostly these apps were build with React JS which is a javascript. It's reduces a lot's of headache but one have to learn Javascript and will consume your precious time.

A person who is a Web backend developer who usually spends lot's of time doing and putting things in action with PHP have to follow the steep learning path, that is more brainstorming an mostly needs sleepless nights to do that. But there's a good news, You can build applications with the PHP also. You might be shocked. Yes, Now no more sleepless nights, Let me introduce your life saver.

What is KIKApp?

KikApp is a framework that allows the creation of mobile applications on platforms including Android and iOS from a single PHP codebase. Kikapp is a framework to develop native mobile apps based on PHP. This tool interprets the language, translates the code and exports it to the market’s most popular platforms.

Who can use it?

Any developer who is interested in making apps in the most commonly used language for web development.

Why PHP?

PHP is among the most popular language for corporate web development today, It is the most frequent choice for the back end of cloud applications. Now a days 8 out of 10 decision makers using PHP confirmed that it lets their teams develop faster compared to other languages, and that PHP provides the easiest choice for the development of cloud apps.

80% of the websites are built using PHP.
82% of apps are built by independent app developers.
60% of online traffic now originates from mobile devices.
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Why KIK App?

1.Simple: There is no need to learn new languages, like Java or Objective C to create native apps.

2.Powerful:Based on a simple and powerful language like PHP.

3.Support:You will use a Framework that offers a wiki with lots of documentation, examples, and tutorials.

4. Fully Native:Build native iOS and Android apps with the same PHP code.

KikApp Features

KIK framework offers all you need to create native mobile apps—all from a single PHP code base.

Fully Native

Cross-platform mobile app development, with no hybrid compromises.
Write in PHP, run native everywhere

Based on a simple and powerful language that you already know.
Apps Better, Faster

There is no need to learn new languages, like Java or Objective C to create your apps.

Value of native Apps

A native app has better performance because it takes into account the use of the device. It is not just a web which adapts to a mobile. Within a native app, the users’ experience is totally different. It relates to how the app interacts with the device. From a native app, the user has a different way to access the devices’ resources. If anything determines the success of e-commerce,job portals or you can make your own business product depends upon your idea. it’s the user’s experience and the evolution of its demands.

KikApp Development Tools

Cross-platform development environment

You can choose between command line tool and Eclipse-based plugin, publishing apps has never been simpler.

KikApp Development Environment

Eclipse-based Plugin

That provides a simple environment to rapidly build, run, and publish mobile apps across multiple devices and OSs.

Command Line Tools (CLI)

CLI is a set of command line tools that provides many capabilities such as, create, analyze and run apps.

At last I would like to add that never constraint any language or frameworks in the path of Learning, due to its syntax or capability. It's the developer who raise above from the reason of counting number of zeroes in his bank balance and want to solve the problem which everybody is facing through his learning and innovate something new which enhance the capabilities of the language. Learn everything with love.

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Erhan Kılıç • Edited

Interesting. I'll check it, thanks.
I didn't see a link for kikapp. I suggest you to add.

: It's not open source and requires login. I didn't like it.

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Sorry forget to embed that link, Yeah that's the only problem with it. It's not open source