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Personally I use Ghost. It has nice and clear UI and by default it's not overloaded with different options.
Hosted version is pretty expensive at least comparing to other blogging platforms. However as you are a dev you can set up your own instance for free - I have it on my server - I pay 5$/month. Setting up took me few hours because of different workarounds I had to do.
But keep in mind it has some drawbacks:

  • lack of comments mechanism - you have to use external tool - all good tools are paid.
  • I also miss possiblility to making certain post featured on the list of all posts

Yes, you are right Ghost is a pretty awesome CMS. It is among my favorites as I found it as a very simple to operate.
Moreover, you have choosed Vultr over the Ghost CMS as an hosting option. You are my kinda guy. I am also using Vultr server for couple of my websites.
But, I am not using the conventional Vultr server as I found it time consuming to host and manage the Vultr server Pretty much the case you mentioned.
Instead, I am using the managed varient of vultr server which is managed by Cloudways. As, I found it quite a simple platform to work with 24/7 support.
Do check the server. Perhaps, it might help you save couple of hours. Here is the link:


Great! Do try it. Actually, why don't you try it. As, you guys know that Black friday season is on and Cloudways is giving away a huge discount of 40% on all it's pacakges. I have also availed one of their package. If you want to try cloudways then now is the time.
Here is the promotion code: BFCM40

Thanks Stephanie. I may try it in the future when launching my next side project. Right now I'm fine with my Vultr infrastructure.


I like Ghost, simple and fast, nice choice!


If you need other people to write content, and they're not tech-savvy, go with what they're most familiar with. Which is probably word press/ghost. I recommend ghost.

If you're writing with a group of developers, and want flexibility and great performance, use a headless cms and a static site generator, and host it on a cdn like Netlify.

Some of them combine the best of both worlds. See Netlify CMS.


I think WordPress is the best cms for blogging because much more people known it blogging cms or software. It's my personal opinion.


Depends strongly on what you need and how tech savvy you are, as well as your personal preferences. There are too many options to choose from.


Yeah, just for a small blog on a little VPS

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