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Same visibility into your SDLC as the apps you develop!

As software engineers, we understand how important it is to instrument our applications. Without Datadog, New Relic, Sumologic, we know that Engineering would grind to a crawl at the first sign of trouble. The same holds true for your Software Delivery Process, i.e. how you review, merge, build and deploy changes, resolve incidents and fix bugs.

With Faros Community Edition, you can now have unprecedented visibility into your Software Delivery Process.

Anyone used to tackling this problem quickly hits a wall: data is in a lot of different places and cannot always be easily leveraged. For example:

  • for Change Failure Rate, your incidents are in PagerDuty, your Deployments in CircleCI
  • GitHub only gives you metrics for a single repository, and nothing close to PR Cycle Time

Getting GitHub Stats is Hard

At this point, you may think β€œall those systems have APIs! Let’s extract all that data and compute metrics ourselves! I know the perfect place to put it!”.

A real database

This is when the REAL fun begins!

  • Data Integration is a nightmare
  • Linking data is necessary for some metrics (like lead time for changes) but incredibly hard
  • If your teams use several systems (say CircleCI and GitHub Actions), you have to deal with data modeling and normalization
  • Self-serve can quickly become daunting, and maintenance is hampered

This is why we built Faros Community Edition.

Faros Community Edition (CE) is an open-source engineering operations platform that connects the dots between all your operational data sources for a single-pane view across the software development life cycle.

Features to consider:

πŸ—Ί Rich Data Schema
Connected canonical models for the whole SDLC; 50+ entities, from tasks to deployments

🚰 Import from a variety of sources
Easy data import onto our models from Task Management, Version Control, Incident Management, and CI/CD systems

❄️ Flexible GraphQL API
Leverage imported data for automation / exploration in our canonical representation

πŸ“Š Preconfigured dashboards
View well known engineering metrics such as DORA and SPACE

πŸ— Extensibility and shareability
Build and share custom metrics and dashboards

☁️ πŸ’» Container-based deployment
Run on your laptop, private or public cloud, with no external dependencies

Get started in 10 min, get your questions answered and finally ditch the spreadsheets!

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