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Software Composition: building on the shoulders of giants

When we decided to release Faros Community Edition (CE), the open source version of our SaaS product Faros AI (, we decided to focus on 2 things: time to value, and making it as welcoming as possible to users and contributors.

As an open-source engineering operations platform, our data schema (which models everything from pull requests to deployments) is the keystone of our value proposition. We wanted to make it as useful to the community as possible. Which is why every capability of Faros CE leverages that data schema, AND is powered by best-of-class open source projects!

We rely on:

  • Airbyte for ELT
  • Hasura for our GraphQL API
  • Metabase for BI
  • n8n for Automation
  • dbt for transformations

As a result, the Faros CE codebase is compact: the data schema, some initialization scripts that compose those services together, and some pre-configured dashboards and endpoints.

Faros CE is up and running in minutes! And users can leverage the full power and extensibility of those best-of-class projects. For example one can:

  • Connect to new or custom data sources thanks to Airbyte’s ever growing source catalog and development kits
  • Enrich data ingested in Faros CE thanks to Hasura’s Actions feature
  • Get automatic insights into their Engineering Operations data thanks to Metabase’s X-Ray feature

Composition is truly the most powerful capability in software engineering. Yay functional programming?!

We welcome your thoughts on this and encourage you to try out Faros CE by heading over to our GitHub repo -

Here is an example of what you can achieve in minutes!

GitHub dashboard

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