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Whats the most obscure open source project you've worked on?

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Thomas Leathers

As far as me 2 projects come to mind:


SBTCVM is a project i run that aims to create balanced ternary (a nonstandard base number consisting of 1, 0, & -1) virtual machines, programming languages, and tools. currently developing its second generation 'gen 2' architecture, and associated tools.


Desutezeoid is a point and click adventure game engine, but with a twist: it uses boolean flag-based logic written in pure XML tags within 'page' files to perform game logic.

As an example, the 'batchset' tag sets a list of flags in bulk when a specified flag is set, clearing the 'triggering' flag in the process.

The actual XML logic traces back to an earlier turn-based maze/adventure engine i had written, I ended up adapting the scheme into a point and click game engine, building upon an experiment i did with it, seeing how it would behave in a more realtime engine. while i did eventually add plugin support, including an animation scripting system, its core logic structure remains.

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A tool to measure a file's physical weight.